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    Ultimate repair stand questions answered.....

    From seeing some of the responses below and the emails i've been getting lately regarding a new repair stand, new knob/spinner to secure the bike, new tooltray/when it will become available, and the question of Black vs. red repair stand choices since there seems to be a lot of confusion. There is a lot of mis-information floating around that I feel needs to be cleared up. People emailing me are saying a lot of it is coming from this forum so I will answer all of your questions here.

    Ok - first off, the Topeak Prepstand Pro repair stand. NO, we are not making the Topeak stand for Topeak. It is NOT an Ultimate stand with Topeak decals on it. Some of you think that it is. Apparently their “design team” liked our stand so much it has taken on many similarities to our Ultimate Pro Stand. We are flattered. We also have no intention of putting a digital scale on our pro stand. Why? Because we feel it’s a marketing gimmick that will be used once, is not waterproof, and you CANNOT wash your bike with one of these items installed. The warranty claims will be huge if people who use these stands with digital electronics installed actually wanted to use the repair stand to wash their bike. Our market research tells us over 85% of people with repair stands use it to WASH their bike. So no, don’t expect to see a scale on an Ultimate repair stand.

    Digital cameras are a wonderful thing - please check out the new knob - it is the larger, smoother one in the first pic below. Please note THE PROFESSIONAL STAND IS NOT GOING TO A 3-Way spinner type as many have emailed me saying they saw this on Internet Forums. The blue repair stand company has gone with a clamp design with many similarities as ours on a new-to-be-released model using the three-way spinner (Again, we are flattered they like our design too.) We made our new knob larger, softer, and more ergonomic. Basically, you can “palm it” closed and give it a twist closed. Works better with soapy and/or greasy hands. The larger knob now means less turns closed to snug tight also. I’ve also included a picture close-up of our V-block jaw design with a cut-away of the jaws. We use an extrusion (Aluminum) with an over-mold, which grips REALLY well and will not torque apart under extreme use (no shop rags or duct tape required.) The rubber used is a material called Texin which for all intensive purposes is the same stuff rollerblade wheels are made of. Super grippy (and expensive) stuff, but that and a combination of the opposing force 8-Point v-block design prevents damage to thin-walled frames. This design has been used by us for 12 years now since the very first professional stand and is great at fitting odd shaped tubes and tight places.

    The New Tooltray will be ready March 15. Thank you for all of you who have been patiently waiting, the tooling to make such a large injection mold has taken our supplier longer than expected. We think it is well worth the wait though. It is a tooltray, lube holder, beverage holder, parts washer all in one - you can even fill the large basin with hot/soapy water and use it to wash your bike. Pull the drain plug and turn it loose. Heck, it even holds a six-pack of your favorite brew and you can fill it with ice. Chips and salsa anyone? Yup, holds that too. Perfect for those warm summer 24-hour events! This new tooltray will fit the Professional BRS-80 series, Consumer BRS-70 series, and New BRS-50 series stands. May also fit "other stands" with a 1.5" tube diameter. Email me for more info if needed. $24.99 msrp

    Some of you have seen a Red and Black professional stand available. We make them both ways- basically it is up to you which one you like better. A lot of professional team mechanics use our pro stand but they didn’t want a red stand because it clashed with their team colors - so we made black. We decided to offer black to everyone if they liked that better. Please note black is powdercoated; the red stand is anodized (the red looks better in my opinion). Any further questions or concerns, please feel free to post them here or email me directly at brettr at
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    Good info.

    Is that new knob on the Pro stand something I can retrofit onto my original gangster Pro stand that's got to be 10 or 12 years old? The multiple turns required on the knob are the only complaint I've ever had with the stand and we use it all the time. Mine isn't powdercoated, though, unless it's some kind of PTFE powdercoat. Great idea for the knob!

    Here's a question: do you still make the handlebar clamp/stabilizer that also attaches to the seatpost? How about spare thumbscrew/clamp sections?

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    Hey Erik,

    Yes, it can be retrofitted - BUT, you need to take the arm completely apart from the inside out. The front knob is lock-tited on and requires you to double-nut it at a point from the inside which I would be more than happy to send you a schematic if you want to see if it is worth it. e me offline at brettr at

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    Ha! Before this post, I was thinking about a knob retrofit too... works much mo'bettuh.

    I also have an OG Ultimate stand (well over 10 years old) and would also be surprised if it's powdercoated - it's in really good shape except for the top of the arm... I have a habit of hanging my bike by the saddle on it (for storage).

    Personally, I want a silver one.... *nudge*

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    Thanks for the Info!!!

    Emailed CS at the end of Jan in refrence to the new tool tray and Arlene also said middle of March. I can't wait for it to finish off my workstand access. Already have the handle bar holder and it works great. I still can't wipe the smile off my face everytime I use my ultimate stand. I just can't seem to remember to flip the bike to do der. adj before I put the bike on the stand. My only nit pick of the stand would be the knob also. I also wouldn't mind trying the retrofit for the knob.

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