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    Aireon, "Big Tool Kit" vs "Complete Tool Kit"?

    Supergo has a sale on their Aireon tool kits:

    - Aireon Big Tool Kit, 49.00 (discounted from 89.95)
    - Aireon Complete Tool Kit, 30.00 (discounted from 49.95)

    I'm thinking of getting one, which is the better value? (see below for the list of components for each kit). Or, am I still better off buying tools as I need them? (& stick with Park?)

    I'm a techy kind of a guy, so I wouldn't be wasting money in getting them (i.e., I would eventually use them). I never give my bike to a LBS for work, I just spend the $$ on tools & learn how to do it myself.

    Aireon Complete Tool Kit

    BB cartridge tool hex wrenches, double-sided spanner 30/32-36-40, combo screwdriver, spoke wrench, adjustable wrench, tire levers, cassette remover tool, pedal wrench, adjustable lock ring spanner, adjustable pin spanner, cog breaker, crankarm remover, crankarm bolt 14/15, chain tool, patch kit, two cone wrenches 14/16-13/15.

    Aireon Big Tool Kit:
    * 15mm Pedal Wrench
    * 8/9 & 10/13mm Open End Spanner
    * Chain Whip Cassette Tool
    * Chain Tool for all Shimano chains
    * 3-Piece Tire Levers
    * Deluxe Cable Cutters
    * 4,5, & 6mm T-shaped Ball End Hex Wrenches
    * Folding Hand Tool w/ 2,2.5,3,4,5,6mm Hex Wrenches and +/- Screwdriver
    * Chain Scrubber Chain Cleaning Tool
    * 2-way Cleaning Brush
    * Degreaser Concentrate and PTFE Lube
    * Tool Case
    * Universal Crank Removal Tool (ISIS compatible)
    * 13/14/15/16mm Cone Wrenches (2 piece)
    * 30,32,36,40mm Headset Wrenches
    * Spoke Tool for 3 common sizes
    * Shimano Cassette Lockring Removal Tool
    * Shimano & ISIS Cartridge Bottom Bracket Tool (1/2" drive compatible)
    * 6" Adjustable Wrench
    * 8mm Hex Key w/ Coated Handle
    * 1/2" Driver compatible w/ 8mm Hex Key
    * 2,2.5,3,4,5,6mm Ball End Hex Key set

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    I believe in buy the best and cry once instead of buying cheap and crying many times. The tools in the Aireon kit are made by Lifu and are decent quality but I think you can do better and buy Park Tools as you need them. Park has excellent customer service as well. Some ordinary tools like hex wrenches, sockets, spanners and such can be had a your local hardware store.


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    Quote Originally Posted by chimpanzee
    Supergo has a sale on their Aireon tool kits:

    - Aireon Big Tool Kit, 49.00 (discounted from 89.95)
    - Aireon Complete Tool Kit, 30.00 (discounted from 49.95)
    I just bought the aireon big tool kit, and unlike the complete kit it as a lot of room to add more tools. I didn't open up a complete kit box, but from the pictures it looks like everything has its own place, the big kit it a tool box with stuff wrapped in single packets and, like i said, i bunch of room left over.

    On the other hand I still don't know how to use at least 4 things in there.. but at $49 who cares.. I nabbed a ultimate bike stand from supergo a few months ago that was marked down pretty heavily, so now I get to tweak things on the bike, and then eventually pay someone to fix it for me when i can't correct it....

    hope it helps
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    Mediocre at best.

    The Aireon tool set are pretty mediocre in quality and design. I bought that $49 one a couple of years ago when I started to build my own rides.

    The chain breaker broke on my 4th use. The metal section that holds the chain in place out right cracked and and came apart.

    The BB spanner tool is not useful. The length of the wrench arm is too short and does give you enough leverage to tighten or loosen.

    The pedal wrenches are too thin, so it's uncomfortable to use. Wearing your riding gloves helps. Take a look at a pic of the large diameter handle on the Park pedal wrench and you see that the thinner Aireon ones are badly designed. Their short handle length was bad for gaining leverage aswell.

    I bought the separately available Aireon cable cutters and those were for the birds too. The chrome plating on the metal started flaking off and the cutters lost their sharpeness after the 3rd the bike I built-up. I replaced it with a Park cutter and the difference is night and day.

    Since the tools had to fit the smallish case, wrench handle lengths are very short for many, if not all, the tools. So it's hard to get enough leverage to remove the tight stuff.

    Those are my rants.

    There were some tools that have been reliable and I still use to this day:
    - Cassette remover
    - Hex tools
    - Chain whip
    - Spoke tool

    If you haven't already made the purchase, check out Performance's housebrand of tools. They are better designed and look to be of better quality aswell. Pricewise, it's a slightly more than the Aireon stuff, but worth it. It's still no Park or Pedro, but better than Aireon.

    I know price is a big factor because we are all not rich, but I would strongly recommend the slight premium in price of the Performance tools over the Supergo ones.
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    Big Tool Kit

    I just recently bought the big tool kit. I am very pleased with all the tools that I have used for far. The price can't be it. I am lucky enough to actually have a Supergo store nearby in Denver.

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