I overhauled my aheadset this weekend, but was confused which way I should put the ball bearing retainers back in? I download info from Crane Creek's manu states the ball (rolling part) should face the "cup racing" on the frame (thus both bearing retainers' balls should face INWARD the frame head tube).
However Parktool.com said the retainer balls should face "Corn shape race, Not Cup shape race", and Zinn & The Art of Mtb Maintainance stated the retainers should face OUTWARD for the threadless aheadset diagram (p.223 bottom and diagram 11.17), does it mean the balls facing outward? then it's opposite to the Cane Creek's instruction.
I am totally confused, and none of their graphic shows clear direction where the rolling ball facing. Anyone ther to help me, if you have installed or overhauled your aheadset, you should know what I am talking about.