• 08-17-2014
    Titus FTM frame on Planet X bikes
    Hey Guys:

    I cracked my frame on my GF Sugar 1 and am looking for a new frame
    to build up. Anybody familiar with this one on Planet X bikes.
    Titus FTM Aluminum Frame

    It doesn't state what year it is. The price looks good ($599). Almost too good.
    It is right in my price range

    Is there anything I should be aware of. Heard some not so great things
    about Titus.

    Any input would be much appreciated.

  • 08-18-2014
    A made in America frame for $600 is a pretty good deal. There were issues with the rear but hopefully on-one will help if there are any issues.
  • 08-18-2014
    Mike Golinski, the GM for Planet X emailed me this back

    "This is the final production run of Titus FTM's (made in Portland) . . . it is the same as the 2011 FTM that you can see here (there have been no changes made)

    I'm still a bit confused on the frame size. I measured my current bike (Ventana El Salamontes) and the measurements fall between a small and medium frame.

    If anyone has a FTM and could post there frame size and their height, that would be quite helpfull

  • 08-18-2014
    lrg carbon FTM 6' 165lbs 60mm stem fits perfect
  • 08-20-2014
    I picked up a medium, gold, ano. 2009 ftm from Jenson back in September of 2010.
    This bike fits my 5'8", 190lb, 33" inseam body very well. I'm running a 70mm stem,and an Easton monkeylite low rise bar. The ftm has been solid, trouble free and overall, an excellent bike.