• 05-14-2011
    Woodway Park trails near Waco
    New trail loop in The Woodway Park, Woodway TX. Right next door to Waco, if you weren't paying attention you'd think it's just more of Waco. It's around a 5 mile loop but it's fun with twists n' turns, up n' downs. Not as tech as Cameron Park. Barely any rocks or tree roots. Some of the corners are bermed up a little.The singletrack trail has a lot of ppine needles covering it so nothing is hardpacked yet. Majority of it is shaded too. If you're here to ride C.Park then definitely check Woodway Park too. Good for those who may not want to do a lot of climbing. The trails were built & maintained by a member of The Waco Bicycle Club.

    Easiest direction is head down Bosque Blvd into Woodway. There will be signs for the Park. Turn right on Estates Dr. Turn right into the park & head straight in to the trailhead which is near a white fence closing off an old road. There's a trail map nearby.
  • 05-24-2011
    I visited a friend that lived in Woodway, TX (on Brookwood, which is very close to Estates Dr.) a few times. Always wondered about trails in the area. Went crappie fishing with Charlie Pack and never saw so many snakes in my life, especially where the Bosque meets Lake Waco. I think I saw more snakes that day than all the snakes I had seen previously combimed. Nice place though, and some of the friendliest people to be found anywhere.
  • 07-03-2011
    Woodway trails
    Kudos to the people that made the new trails in woodway. Love the trail across the creek,hard packed,up/down with a great design. Will post a gropro on youtube for those interested.
  • 09-03-2011
    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I just rode this trail for the 1st time today and I really like it. It not quite as tech as I'm used to because I ride at Cameron a few days a week but it's still really cool. It flows really well the whole way through. It's fairly tame yet just tech enough to keep you on your toes in some sections.