Where to go???

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  • 12-27-2008
    Where to go???
    On Tuesday my son (7 years old) and I are going riding. We live in Corpus Christi but plan on going out of town as there are not any trails here. I am not sure where the best place to go is. I am looking for something that both of us can enjoy. We have been to McAlister park in San Antonio and he did great there if that is any gauge of his riding abilities. The radius that I am looking at is San Antonio, Austin, Houston area. Thanks for the help.
    The Ant Hills in Houston look interesting. What can you tell me about that place? How many hours can be spent there, how technical etc.
  • 12-27-2008
    How familiar are you with what trails are out there? I get the impression you are fairly familiar, but if not, click on my sig and you can pull up info on the trails and a map showing their locations.

    I wish I would have made it down (over?) to Houston earlier this month, then I could throw in my own personal two cents on that one.
  • 12-28-2008
    Aaron D
    Don't come here (San Antonio)

    I moved from corpus because of the trails here.

    I mean woops! leave corpus krusty NOW!

    You guys can live on my couch till you find a pad of your own.

    try O.P. I'm on my way there right now .:thumbsup:
  • 12-28-2008
    Houston is very wet right now and will likely remain all trails in the area closed til late next week.