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    What is the best bike and tire selection for big bend/Lajitas ?

    which bike and tire set up would you choose ?


    Planning to ride far west texas desert area (Big Bend State Park- DirtFest). altitudes are 3 to 5 thousand feet, lots of jeep roads, rocks, sand, some long climbs.

    I have two bikes to choose from: bike 1 is a full suspension 26er (turner flux), bike 2 is a full suspension 29er (Salsa Big Mamma). Both are 4" travel in rear.
    Turner is set up with fox 100mm fork, the salsa is set up with a fox 120mm fork. I know the terrain is sandy, so the bigger contact patch of the 29er tire would float better. While the Big Mamma is a great ride, it wieghs 30-31 lbs. Rolling hills are fine when you keep it rolling, but long Hill climbs in sand suuuuuuck. Tire selection for the Big Mamma is Kenda2.1 small block 8 on rear, saguro 2.2 on the front (tubless).
    The Turner is a more reasonable wieght, at 26 lbs. It can be set up with a WTB 2.5 Wierwolf rear tire and a WTB 2.2 wolverine on front, (tubless). The rear tire is heavy, but loads of traction and a wide contact patch that should float on the sand. Which is the better set up for the terrain? Joe Incardona.

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    jesus h. christ dude!

    you posted this same stupid question on bikemojo last night.

    the answer is still the same...bring whatever bike YOU like riding and don't worry about it.

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    Joe...don't take the a-holes too seriously...they must have been raised poorly

    Here's one man's opinion. I've had the good fortune to be able to ride a fair amount in the Big Bend. I'm riding a 29'r 2.2 front 2.0 back with good luck. I am no expert and this works for me. There has been nearly zero rain this year so a lot of the trails are firm. You'll run into some pretty deep sand on some of the dirt roads at Lajitas however and I've heard that there is a lot of sand on the epic ride. Also as the "gentleman" wrote above you can ride the area with nearly any bike that you choose to bring out.

    All of the trails at Lajitas are great...especially #3. The dirt roads in both parks are good with short steep sections and occasional sand. I've not done the epic ride in the state park which is apparently pretty long and hard. Talk to the good folks at Desert Sports and ask them for recommendations...they are all very good riders with tons of experience and very friendly...bring some Lone Star. You can do an awesome 25-30 mile ride from the bike shop on the back roads around Sawmill Mt...one pretty long climb and several short steep climbs all in the first half of the ride if you go clockwise.

    Make sure not to trespass out there as the locals are serious about their privacy and most of them pack. They are friendly...just make sure that you realize that all of the land is owned by somebody. All of the roads are legal to ride and you will never be hassled unless your are not respectful..

    Bring lots of tubes. I ride tubeless and bring slime tubes with. Three spare tubes is not overkill...there are lots of spiny things down there as well as razor sharp rocks. Also...bring a lot of water...it's a desert out there...they've only had a couple of inches of rain in over a year.

    Make sure that your gear is in good shape...it's no place to break a shoe, pedal or chain and not be prepared to get yourself out. Duct tape, wire, spare parts and a multi tool are a good idea. Hopefully you won't need 'em but if you do you'll be happy that you brought them with..

    Spend some time on the porch in the ghost town and make sure to drink a beer or two as you watch the sunset on the Chisos.

    Have a great time...the area is just incredible.

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    Good job!

    Thank you for your thoughts. I will come well prepared. Will probably bring my Salsa Big Mamma trail bike. Little heavy, but nice and comfy. Hope to see you there!

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