• 12-10-2011
    visiting Houston, San Antonio, Austin next week
    I am visiting family during the week before Christmas and I am bringing my bike to ride some trails.

    Houston- I have ridden Memorial Park and the Cyrpress Creek trails. I will be staying near Spring. Anything else I should try.

    I lived in San Antonio for about six years and left 1 1/2 year ago. I rode McAllister, Leon Creek, and Salado a lot when I was there. It looks like the Leon Creek Greenway has been expanded a LOT since I left in summer 2010. Is there singletrack all along that? If I have just one afternoon to ride something in town trails, where should I go?

    Austin- I regret never making a trip to ride trails in Austin the whole time I lived in San Antonio, but what's on the south side of Austin to ride?
  • 12-10-2011
    kill phil
    South Austin: Barton Creek Green Belt. Go to Austin VooDoo and see if you can join up on a group ride, or at least w/ someone who knows where they are going. You won't want to ride in Houston/San Antonio ever again. When will you be here?
  • 12-10-2011
    can you give me a good drop-in address for that trail?
  • 12-10-2011
    kill phil
    Austin Bike's Guide to Central Texas Mountain Biking - Barton Creek Greenbelt

    But like I said, you should ride w/ someone who knows this place. EASY to get lost, and easier to miss all the good stuff.
  • 12-10-2011
    Bill in Houston
    Near Spring, you will want to check out Cypresswood. Have not been there myself, but I know it's up there somewhere.
  • 12-11-2011
    mack_turtle > check out this map to see what's near where you are looking. Check the site itself out for more info.

    Just a little north of Spring is George Mitchell Nature Preserve. One of the best in the Houston area, IMO.
  • 12-11-2011
    For Houston I second the Cypresswood nomination. There's a group ride there nearly everyday including a few night rides so you won't have any problem finding someone to show you the trail. Check out the calendar at ghorba.org . If you want a real butt-kicking head on down to Jack Brooks Park which is north of Galveston. Let me know if you'd like someone to guide you around and I'll see what I can do. If you have time make sure to visit Rocky Hill Ranch or Bluff Creek Ranch as they offer a much different atmosphere than what Houston has. Anything in Austin is fun especially Walnut Creek! Rode there yesterday and had a blast.
  • 12-20-2011
    Make sure to hit up Walnut Creek park in Austin. I love it.. i prefer it over the greenbelt.
  • 12-20-2011
    If you're heading to Austin from Houston [up i-10 and then Hwy 71] surely Rocky Hill Ranch in Smithville and Bluff Creek Ranch in Warda would be worth considering.

    Warda has less overall mileage but they have some interesting trails that go up and down the bluff there. Good fun. They have some long horn cattle on the property that can make the ride through the 'back 40' interesting... :D

    Bah! What's up with this having to have more than 10 posts in order to include photos or links in a message? When did that come about? :nono:
  • 12-20-2011
    ping me for a friday or saturday ride in austin. the greenbelt is better than walnut creek, but it is a personal preference for some.
  • 12-21-2011
    Walnut Creek can be ridden in less than an hour. Too short and EASY to be worth the trip.

    Leon Creek in SA still has all the single track along the greenway around Bamberger and O.P. Schabel Parks. That would take up 2-3hrs for you.

    I personally like Gov't Canyon in SA for half a day of exhaustingly rocky fun. But, it's only open Friday-Sunday I believe.
  • 12-22-2011
    In no way is Walnut anywhere near as good as the Green Belt. Walnut is tame, quick, and great if you are a beginner but if you want the best that Austin (in the city limits) has to offer then the GB or City Park hands down take the cake. There are a couple of other excellent trails that are on the DL and rate really high in the area but they would never be shared via the internet but if you know the right people they might treat you to a ride.

  • 12-25-2011
    thanks for the help guys. I rode Cypress Creek, both the proper and "improper' section, last week. the improper area west of 249 is amazing! it's not very technical but the fun part is exploring and getting lost among all the neighborhoods and industrial parks. Cypress Creek Proper is still a lot of fun, as i rode it a few times on my last visit. it was good to see the trails are being well groomed and obstacles added. I had no time to visit anything else in Houston.

    Leon Creek in SA is as fun as ever. it had a few muddy spots but I really appreciated all of the expansion. we rode from the Valero drop-in on the greenway, through the bird sanctuary, into OP S park and down to Bandera Road for lunch. we probably hit up 10% of what's down there. SA folks are spoiled to have such and awesome, varied, technical/flowing, accessible miles and miles of trails there!

    I didn't have any time to ride anything in Austin. I will have to plan to trip to just visit there some time. I was visiting with family and then it rained a lot. bummer.