UTEP Trails?

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  • 02-19-2012
    UTEP Trails?
    I have heard about some trails behind the Sun Bowl in El Paso. Are these trails ridable for trail riding (no stunts) or am I better of at the Arroyo/Monk trails for a lunch time/afternoon ride. I ride the Arroyo/Monk trails a couple of times a week, but I would like to try these trails if it can offer about an hours worth of riding to break up the routine.

  • 03-12-2012
    Some of the most fun technical riding there, I hope it still exists.
  • 03-17-2012
    fun trails but
    Great trails but kinda hard to find if you aren't familiar with them. Most of the trails see very little traffic and are somewhat overgrown. As for stunts, there is quite a few natural drops and rollers and some old elevated wood features that I wouldn't recommend riding because the wood is weak. It'schallenging terrain but its very rewarding. My favorite loop takes about an hour. To enter, park next to the utep police station and follow the fenceline to the left and your in.