Thoughts on Rocky Hill

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  • 08-31-2011
    Thoughts on Rocky Hill
    Took a trip to RHR last Friday. What a great place to ride compared to Houston...but we were the only ones stupid enough to go in that HEAT!!!!

    Took us a while before we knew where we were going, even with the map, but once we were on track it was a good ride.

    Trails have have some lose rocks and my rear specialized captain tires didn't do so great on them. Had the fs 26er then but looking forward to bringing the fs 29er for the next trip.
  • 09-01-2011
    Coming from Houston, RHR is a blast. Typically this time of year the only bad parts are the heat and horse flies (seems to be a July/August/September thing).

    Head back in October once things cool down.
  • 09-01-2011
    I'm looking forward to my first time in October :)
  • 09-04-2011
    RHR is murder in the summer time.
    go with someone who knows the route bc the maps they have at the sign up table is effin horrible.
    and the hourse flys, man those things are ravenous.

    all that aside, RHR is a blast!
  • 09-05-2011
    It was brutal but very fun. I agree with the map being horrible....we would somehow end up on the same trails, but after half the day we finally figured it out.

    I've been hearing Warda - Bluff Creek is a blast as well and nearby so maybe give that place a try next time. Anyone been?
  • 09-05-2011
    GHORBA is having a group ride at Bluff Creek this Saturday at 9:00am. Come out and we'll show you the trails. Also, we'll have a group ride at Rocky Hill sometime in October once the weather cools off a bit. We have groups for beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders so no one is left out.