Texas Pump Tracks

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  • 07-26-2010
    Texas Pump Tracks
    Looking for all of the legit pump tracks that can be found in TX (i.e. HH, Walnut Creek, et al.). A name and a link to validate it would be perfect. Thanks!:thumbsup:
  • 07-26-2010
    I am of the opinion that building pump tracks (not necessarily DJ stuff) should be a MUCH higher priority. They are safe, fun, and a great way to get kids into mountain biking.
  • 07-27-2010

    Originally Posted by laxman2001
    I am of the opinion that building pump tracks (not necessarily DJ stuff) should be a MUCH higher priority. They are safe, fun, and a great way to get kids into mountain biking.

    agreed...I had actually just read a thread to that effect, which lead to this post. ;)
  • 07-28-2010
    there is a pseudo pump track in op schnabel at the end of the driving range... Tons of fun!
  • 03-21-2011
    Riverside Park, Victoria, TX
    There is one at the entrance to Riverside Park in Victoria TX. I'm not sure what you mean by legit, but it's fun when it is in shape. Needs some work at the moment.

  • 03-22-2011
    dlstyley, thanks for the info
  • 03-22-2011
    El Paso
    We have one here at the west side recreation park off of Redd RD. It is really cool.. It is legit..
  • 03-24-2011
    there's a growing one @ the ninth street djs in austin. it's right at the sidewalk so you can flow it right into the dj lines
  • 03-27-2011
    Hey Pedigre just got back from Reveille Peak Ranch yesterday and spoke with Jamie, he said they are currently building one out there.
  • 04-12-2011
    Houston pump track potential.
    For Houston peeps. This place has potential. It just needs some go getters with shovels to manicure it. Right now it just neighborhood kids making jumps in some unoccupied land. The jumps are small but actually have flow. The whole trail system is short. Its fun tho and begs for some progressive people to turn it into something special.

  • 04-13-2011
    Abe Froman
    There is one in Pflugerville on city land.

    Here is an old video http://www.vimeo.com/9014974

    Google location

    I should add there is limited street parking but you can park west of there at Bohls park or at HEB and ride the trail over
  • 05-02-2011
    College Station Pump Track
    The College Station Dirt Riders Coalition and the A&M Consolidated Cycling Community Just recently completed a pretty awesome pump track In Georgie K. Fitch Park in College Station. Its tight, fast, and flowy. 5 Berms, 13 Rollers. Its got a really fun step-up camelback that drops into a big right hip berm.

    For more information, check out College Station Dirt Riders Coalition on Facebook

    Scott Miller
  • 12-23-2011
    Texas Pump Track List
    We just built a pump track in our back yard and I am completely addicted, so I've started a very simple (right now) website to compile a list of all publicly available pump tracks. A short list so far with just Texas tracks, but hope to grow it over time.

    I would appreciate any input you might have. I'm not a professional website designer, nor am I an accomplished bike rider, just a guy who spent countless hours searching the internet for pump tracks and pump track designs. Lots of mountain bike sites (like this one) with blurbs or threads about pump tracks, but I have yet to find a pump track specific site.

    I would really be interested to know of any pump tracks in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. As of yet the only one I've ridden is in my back yard (was in Round Rock last weekend, but Walnut Creek was too wet to ride).

    Here's our site: www dot pumptrackaddict dot com (I haven't posted enough to add links yet).

    PUMP IT!
  • 12-23-2011
    robert w
    Cool... Matt, have you checked with the DORBA folks? I have a buddy in Rockwall that has posted pics of his kid on some sort of pump track or maybe a dj line with tables.
    There is a new place being developed just east of Austin (Manor)... it has some jumps, but they are buiding a pump track to according to their facebook page - Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More.

    If that link doesn't work, look up Allied Compound End of the World Jam 2012.

    Loving the new bike! Adding some green bling - I will send you a pic when its done.
  • 12-23-2011
    Glad the bike is working out for you. Would love to see the new green bling.
    A pump track in Pflugerville is mentioned in an earlier post above, but is it still in service?
    Thanks for the info. I have checked with DORBA and there seem to be no publicly available pump tracks in DFW. Hard to believe, really.
  • 04-25-2012
    Well, there is a pump track at Dallas Bike Works now.
  • 06-13-2012
    Yo Eddie
    There is an awesome pump track in Houston at the end of the MTB trails known as the Anthills. Has some HUGE jumps, good flow and is well maintained by adults.

    Check the videos...
    Ant Hills BMX Trails Houston Texas - YouTube
    Ant Hills Trails Houston Texas GoPro - YouTube