• 02-12-2009
    Aging Wannabee
    San Antonio Govt. Cnyn. 2/28 or 3/1_???
    Hi Texans,

    Anybody out there willing to give a tour to a dirt lovin yankee?

    I have the good fortune of visiting the fine city of San Antonio and am trying to arrange some rides. I've read a bit about G.C.'s more technical trails in the back country and would like to get out there. I also understand that it's a foolish thing to do without a knowledgeable guide.


    advice? descriptions?

    Thanks, and please forgive the cross-posts on other forums.

  • 02-12-2009
    You might want to post up on bike mojo, that is where all the SA folks hang out:


    I might be interested in coming down if they get a good group ride going. I have ridden it 4-5 times, but I am a bad tour guide, I don't really know the trails.

    There are pics and info on my site.
  • 02-17-2009
    I ride GC with my boyfriend every weekend, but we're relatively new to the sport and generally stay in the front country with occassional jaunts up Joe Johnston (probably the most popular trail in the back country.) Seeing as how neither one of us knows the backcountry, we wouldn't be good guides, but there's a similar post here with some good info:


    Hope you get some better responses than mine because it really is a fun ride. While you're out there if you see a girl on a pink Specialized riding towards the front country, say Howdy!
  • 02-24-2009
    The map is good. It is not really scaled well. The trails are marked well at most intersections. The signs include the trails' names and indicate if open to bikes. I've always stayed only on the bike trails. There are numbered signs that I find useless and generally ignore (I was told they indicate how far you are from some point so they get bigger and smaller in a weird way). There is a fair amount of traffic so you should run into to folks along the way. It is a nice rocky ride. Only a few uphill spots are "pay attention each pedal stroke counts technical". The area is not that big. Last fall I routinely rode multiple loops of all back country trails in around 3 hours. Its not a vast open expanse of wilderness where you could ride out in expanding loops and get horribly lost. You can get lost but with a map and the ability to read you should be OK. Mark on your map or try hard remember where you parked because there are multiple lots.

    Moderate to good fitness is a plus.
    "Advanced" riders should ride it no or few dabs.
    "Intermediate" riders will do OK but might walk a little.
    Beginners will probably hike quite a bit due to rocky climbs and descents.

    All can enjoy the front country.
  • 02-26-2009
    Hey Rob its Bill. Good riding with you out at City Park today. Let us know next time you're in town and we'll give you a tour of some of the other trails.
  • 03-03-2009
    I hit up govt canyon this past weekend, and I would consider myself a new rider. I went out to the backcountry and did fine. Just like they said, if you have a map and can read signs then you are gonna be ok. It was a lil more technical than I imagined, but after the first half mile I got into the groove and did just fine. I did pass a woman going the opposite way that did not look like she was having a good time.... Ill probably head out there this weekend again before I leave SA--this time with new pedals. Stock pedals are no bueno on rocky trails. Any Ideas? I was looking at the crank brothers Mallet 1s. Thanks.
  • 03-03-2009
    The mallet 1s should work well. Really, the only thing that I would stay away from is a resin or plastic platform. Even though I tend to stay in the front country, there are plenty of nasty rock gardens to contend with, and I have hit my share of rocks, too. If you're comfortable with the Crank Brothers setup, go for it. Or, if you're not married to Crank Brothers, Shimano makes the M545 which is similar, it's just an SPD type pedal instead of an eggbeater type. I have a set on my hardtail (that I ride at GC) and I have the M520s on my FS (that I ride at GC). Either pair works great, but if you don't have your heart set on a pedal with a platform, the 520s might be a better deal because there's less area to hit on rocks. Just a thought.

    As for the woman not having a good time, a lot depends on which direction you're going on the trail. Going up the trail can be very hard work (I'm looking at you Joe Johnston Trail). Coming back down is a heck of a lot of fun. Glad you enjoyed GC. It's a fun ride. :)
  • 03-03-2009
    Yeah, as you can tell if I am still riding stock pedals for this long that I have never had other kinds. I want to be locked in but I like the platform just cuz sometimes you need to hit the pedal fast without being locked in. I am here going out to vegas soon, so pretty much its more rocks...