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    Rain!! and other Texas NOOB questions.

    Hey Guys, I just moved to the Austin area this summer from the Seattle area and I've got a few questions. Based on my location I see myself riding at Walnut Creek, Lake Georgetown and Brushy Creek.

    Rain and wet trails:
    I rode year around in the PNW which means that you ride in the rain/ wet ground. However, I know that in some areas riding in the rain isn't a good idea for the trail/safety. Whats the recommendation here? Are the trails rideable when wet, or should I wait for them to dry out?

    I've been reading over the posts in the forum and you've got me scared my tires are too wimpy for the rocks/ thorns out here. I ride a 2007 Diamondback Mission 3 with Kenda Nevegals on both ends w/ tubes. Will they hold up out here or am I looking for punctures/flats?

    I'm new to this forum too, why does it seem like there is a bot post in every other thread?


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    I think your tires are fine for now. I have been running rocket rons successfully this year which are much thinner. But I think you're generally ok, the thorns haven't been as bad this year, some years they're horrible though, that would be my main concern with thinner tires.

    Personally, I suggest not riding on super wet dirt trails at all. It does a ton of damage to them. Austin is pretty good with trail maintenance, but it's a lot of work and unnecessarily rutting up popular trails is definitely not appreciated.

    Not sure on the bots, I see blatant spam threads from time to time, usually they're moderated fairly quickly. There's a report post icon in the lower left area of a post if you want to speed up their removal.
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    I second Jestep opinion on riding wet trails. bikemojo dot com under the austinvoodoo forums is a great place to get information on the current status of the trails. That being said winter is very mild here and you dont lose to many days from rain all year.

    As Jestep stated, your tires should be okay. The biggest concern would be with inner tubes though. The combination of thorns and cactus is a real tube killer here. I would at the minimum look at making sure you have some sort of sealant in your tube like slime. Tubeless would be ideal but i totally understand that it is an initial investment not everyone is willing to make.

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    I've always had grip challenges around here with Nevegals (Nevergo's). Plus going tubeless is a real time saver for around here. The thorns and rock strikes treat tubes like pincushions. You can do a ghetto conversion for less than $40 for both wheels. I've run ghetto tubeless for over a year on my current wheelset with no sign of failure as long as I keep sealant topped up between tire changes.

    Wet trails are a challenge around here since for heat reasons, the main riding season is fall, winter and spring. The heat and humidity take some of the fun out of riding for me in the summer and make it more of a chore than a hobby/pastime.

    I heavily endorse danniel1332's suggestion to check the Voodoo board of Bikemojo for rain updates. There is a thread for Walnut entitled "Is Walnut Rideable" that you can search for. There is a Twitter account for Brushy Creek called "@BrushyCreekTC" that gives trail conditions. Also check the Mojo Brushy Creek thread. The trail stewards post in there and riders are pretty active with trail results. Look for the Beagle reports. A rider walks his dog on the trails and the dog doesn't like mud. I have no idea about Georgetown. I don't ride it that much and am not a huge fan of the trail. The rocks there are like cheese graters for tires. I've ridden it three times with sidewall tears twice. Some people love it.

    The geography and terroir around here doesn't handle moisture well and makes most trails unrideable after rain. Some trails dry faster than others, but for the most part trails will be ridable with a day drying per 1/4 inch rained. That obviously is dependent on temperature, humidity, cloud cover and local drainage conditions. I've noticed that the higher technical nature of the trail, the faster drying conditions. City Park(Emma Long) and Brushy Creek tend to dry faster than Walnut. Same with the vastly different parts of the Greenbelt.

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    Riding on wet trails in Texas is a no-no. Dirt is mostly clay-based here, so you end with this slippery paste that ruts up the trails and gets rock hard once it dries.

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    By the way, welcome to the Austin area. If you ended up in the Cedar Park etc. region, let me know and I'll see if I can't head out with you.

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    Thanks for the replies and welcome!
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    I see you already found Mojo.

    There are certain trails that dry faster than others, nd Austin is big enough that it may rain 2 inches on one trail and none on another. It is best to follow on Mojo and connect with enough people you know on Strava to see who is riding where.

    When rain has been bad, Pace bend tends to be one of the first to dry out. much of the high stuff on the greenbelt will be fine after 36 hours of sun and wind, while the main trail will be muddy and slick. We have so much smooth and square edged limestone in areas that 1. tubes are a terrible idea 2. is its wet, its quite slippery on those rocks if you have that clay based mud on your tires.

    I hate riding with people with tubes because you can pretty much count on stopping to change a flat in a small group ride of 3-4 people. Go tubless and don't look back. High volume maxxis EXO or Schwalbe Snakeskin tires are your friend.

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