• 12-15-2011
    Race tire Recomendations, El Paso area
    I have had terrible luck with sidewall punctures in El Paso and am worried about the Puzzler and the Coyote Classic.

    Trashed Specialized Control and S-Works sidewalls WAY too fast, as well as Maxxis standard casings. All Tubless with Stans. The last Speccy Captain Control I ran tore a 3 inch hole about 50ft from the TOP of Mundy's Gap... and I was unable to repair.

    I have had good luck with Specialized GRID, Maxxis LUST, and recently Maxxis EXO protection tires, but the GRID and LUST tires are awfully heavy and I cant find an EXO I like in the right tread/size combo.

    I'm looking for a good El Paso tread pattern, sub 700g if hopefullly, with tough sidewalls to run tubeless . Until I find it, I'll keep spinning the super reliable tractor tires I have mounted up now.
  • 12-16-2011
    I would post in the NM forum, then you will get some cruces people to chime in. Are you 26 or 29? Front, rear, or both?

    I would guess the icon exo or snakeskin schwalbes(ralph and ron) are going to get recommended, not sure how tough they really are, but they are light. I would like to ride them but they cost too much.
  • 12-17-2011
    Hmmm, really depends on how aggressive you ride and how much you weigh. But generally, the bigger the better here in El Paso! I'm on 29'r and usually run a 2.55 WTB up front and a 2.0 in the rear. Big volume with tough sidewalls and lots of sealant. When in doubt go with the burlier tires! Might be a tad slower going up Mundie's Gap but you'll love them everywhere else.