I could make this a thread about seeing the light, finding one's true inner self, and finding salvation on the gnarliest 50 mile marathon course around, but it's about lost and found stuff at the event.

Somebody living on central time lost their pretty nice watch. It was returned and I have it. PM me here and I'll send it back to you free of charge. Of course, please provide a description and don't tell me you lost your Rolex because it's not that nice.

Our winner had someone walk off with his floor pump. It was in the venue feed zone. In his post-race delirium he left without it and we didn't find it the next morning. So someone walked off with a floor pump with "Hanes" written on it. It would be great if we could get that back to him.

Thanks to all those who came out for the toughest race in Texas. Niner rider Dejay Birch described his first experience in the Franklins..."Like being blindfolded and going 15 rounds with a midget kick boxer." Yeah buddy! That's what it's all about.