• 06-28-2011
    One of the brackets that holds rear suspension...
    ..is broken. but the rear suspension works just fine still. you can see the crack when i lift up on the bike, but when i'm sitting on the bike it's hard to see. which leads to my problem... i took the bike in friday to get a tune-up at a LBS and they basically told me that tuning it up is pointless if that bracket is cracked...??? isn't the gear system completely separate from the rear suspension...?
  • 06-28-2011
    [insert]beavis & butthead cartoon of frame separating at bracket and impaling rider and blood spurting out[/insert]

    Well I couldn't find said cartoon but you gettin' the picture. :rolleyes:

    Of course a shop doesn't want the responsibility of working on a bike and sending you on your way if they know it's going to fail. It will crack all the way thru on a ride and you will get hurt.

    Two options:replace the cracked part, get another bike, but for chrissakes don't keep riding it to the point of catastrophic failure. :nono: