• 08-07-2010
    To be named later
    Olmos Park Trails (San Antonio).....anyone familiar?
    This park and the trails are nearby for me so I am hoping they will turn out to be decent and rideable trails, but I just can't get a bearing on what the heck is out there. Various sources on the internet give a wide discrepancy as to what trails there are, and what is or isn't there after the city re-worked the trails in 2006. Or at least tried to rework the trails and link Olmos Park trails to Alamo Heights bike trails and create a 5 mile loop, before budgets and intergovernmental squabbles started dictating things.

    I spent an hour exploring a fraction of the trails this evening. What I did explore.......meh. I more expected to find a homeless person or some teenagers making out than I expected to see another mtbr out there. Super narrow overgrown trails thru a narrow Pachinko machine like maze of trees barely 3' apart that barely resembles the images found here: http://www.mountainbiketx.com/downlo...Olmos_Park.kml

    Meanwhile sites like this suggest the trails are twice as large: http://www.trimbleoutdoors.com/ViewTrip/449247

    There is no consistency on the web as far as what trails are, or are not, out there.

    Anyone familiar with it? Did I just test it/explore it in the wrong spot? Is it a worthwhile mtb spot?
  • 08-07-2010

    Originally Posted by To be named later

    Anyone familiar with it? Did I just test it/explore it in the wrong spot? Is it a worthwhile mtb spot?

    You already are aware of what I know thus far, though I have been meaning to get back out there. I, too, came across the TrimbleOutdoors postings and intend to get out there and verify where that individual was riding.

    From what I rode (you can see the GPS track on the link you posted), it was a decent trail, though I only rode a few miles of what is supposedly all out there.
  • 08-09-2010
    Go to the Raspa form on www.bikemojo.com & post up. John is very familiar with Olmos.
  • 08-10-2010
    I grew up in that area - played soccer at the soccer fields and Little League at the diamonds when I was a kid. Went to church at St Luke's. Wasn't aware of any MTB trails. Olmos Park has always been a notorious druggie, hobo, and sex-in-the-public-restrooms spot, though, so I'd hesitate to ride there. McAllister and 700 Acres were the spots to ride back in the day.
  • 08-10-2010
    Go! Ninja Go!
    Let's hope McAllister is still decent. I'm in town for a few more hours so I'm about to head out there. Don't have a car out here though so I'll probably be dead by the time I get to the trail.
  • 08-10-2010
    Go! Ninja Go!
    *&^%^$$&(*&)*^^!!!!! I just get everything ready to go(or so I thought) and was about to head out. Seems I left my helmet in my sisters car, and she's at a business thing. Looks like I won't be riding McAllister more than likely. Oh well, there's always Austin later today or tomorrow.
  • 08-12-2010
    Fat Bob
    TBNL... if you catch this today, try joining the Mojo's for the Thursday night Bikeworld ride. Details are on the raspa section of bikemojo.com but IIRC the early group 6pm hits the basin prior to the urban/swill ride. Good way to learn the trail over there.

    There isn't much mileage, but it is tight and twisty and if you can ride from your house even better.
  • 08-30-2011
    To be named later
    Checked out Olmos trails for the 2nd time today...wow, what a difference from 12 months ago. I loved it. Trails were great.

    Keep in mind, the last (only) time I went riding Olmos, I was a MTB'g newbie, that was probably only my 2nd or 3rd time on the trail, and with no familiarity of the trail I probably hopped on the least desirable section. Last time it was a little overgrown and not maintained.

    Today, I explored probably 75% of the trails and the "far reaches", nice clean paths, no overbrush, looks like it has had recent maintenance, nice straightaways and some nice twisties. Scenic. Shady.

    Difficulty level is low (its a walking trail as well) Not a difficult trail. but hell, it is only 5 minutes away from my front door. I can only do Gov't Canyon or OP Schnabel on the weekends,,,,Olmos is a decent after work fix.

    I'd read elsewhere, that this trail was not worth a long drive to get to, certainly not if you have to pass other more natable mtb trails. I agree. Its nothing special. But it is convenient and a good ride if you are in the area.
  • 09-13-2011
    To be named later
    Update Part II

    Explored it again, this time crossing under Hwy 281 and entering the Alamo Heights side of the park, with trails that run thru the woods to the south and east of the soccer fields and trails towards and at the actual dam. Few more folks on foot than on the Olmos Park side on the other side of 281, but not many. Nice ride, but like I said, probably not worth going out of one's way too much to get to it.
  • 09-13-2011
    Doc D
    I live pretty close by and only explored this area once about a year ago. I've been thinking about hitting it up again just to get some miles in.

    What is the best access point to the trails? I'm coming from the south, over by the White Rabbit.
  • 09-13-2011
    To be named later
    Personally, I hop on at Belvidere and Contour simply since it is easy access from my house.

    Assuming you are going to toss the bike on your car, parking is across the soccer fields at Friedrich Rd.
    There are several trailheads on south side of Friedrich Rd, easy to find, starting across from the parking lot and on up towards Countour Dr. One or two have stone markers.

    Theres also a trailhead, w/ stone markers, on devine Road near the 281 overpass that takes you to the dam/Alamo heights side. 100 ft south you can go under 281 and reach the Olmos Park side of the trails.

    There are other entrances, but the above are the easiest to describe & find.

    If you want to check out Olmos sometime, Check your PM's, I'm forwarding my contact info.
  • 09-18-2011
    I am still riding Mcallister Park but have been riding the Tobin trail that begins at McAllister and goes thru Solado Creek all the way to Rittiman Road. It's about a 18 mile round trip on a mix between paved and planked trailway with a mixture of other trails off the beaten path. If you do decide to take this route be careful of poison ivy tho as I got into some last week while riding.
    Is anyone going to do the Tour de Pecan in October? I may try it, it's a road race but I believe mixing the two gives me better longevity on the trail....