• 09-21-2011
    Nov 5 Mellow Swap in Austin
    Not booking spaces yet but we've set the date for Mellow Swap

    We use this to sell off our scratch n dent, take-offs, etc on the super cheap. We also invite bike industry reps to sell off their samples and demo product, as well as teams and individuals so their is some great product to pick from.

    Free to attend for shoppers, booth costs and booking info coming soon.
  • 10-03-2011
    Now booking spaces if you want to sell. Follow link for contact and email Andrew for costs and availability. Booths have sold out every year. Free to attend for shoppers, tasty grub and beverages too. Hope to see you.

    Mellow Johnny's Mellow Swap 2011
  • 10-03-2011
    sweet, im excited to go check it out!
  • 10-22-2011
    Bookings are going well, we have just a few spaces left, even if your not selling we have about 20 booths booked for bike/outdoor industry reps coming to sell off samples demo products. For all of the procrastinating men out there come check out the event as there is always tons of womens cycling and outdoor gear here, plus unlike the mall event will have free tasty beverages and stuff you want for yourself...

    Sounds like Team Radio Shack and Trek-Livestrong U23 will be there with bikes, frames, wheels, clothes.
  • 10-24-2011
    is it mostly roadie stuff or will there be lots of mtb stuff?
  • 11-01-2011

    Originally Posted by sooner518 View Post
    is it mostly roadie stuff or will there be lots of mtb stuff?

    I'd like to know the answer to this as well.
  • 11-02-2011
    There will be a mix, take off parts and frames from the shop include lots of MTB (new take-off Noir 3x9 carbon cranks for $100) stuff--also shop employees have a booth with MTB. The industry reps that are there sell mountain and road. In lots of cases the industry guys do 7-8 brands too and we have about 18-19 booths sold to industry/reps/companies. Texas High School MTB League is there too, all year they get donations from people of gear that they can re-use or sell for $$ they need to operate.

    We even get our vintage and fixed stuff so plenty of diversity. Pic below is just a portion of lot so maybe it helps see the scope.

    Chris Gomez Photography | Mellow Johnny's Events | Mellow Swap
  • 11-08-2011
    My wife and I scored some sweet deals this weekend. I'll be back for sure next year.