• 11-27-2011
    Natural Bridge Caverns Duathlon
    I'm not much for writing reviews of anything, and this was my first actual mtb race, so I don't have real comparisons. BUT...I had a blast doing the Sabretooth course last Sunday! I had no idea what to expect, other than the crap-quality video that was put up on the race site prior.

    12 miles is a long way to go, and with the borderline insane decents and stupid steep hill climbs, it felt like a lot more. The folks that laid out the course had to be giggling maniacally while they did it. I'd ride it again tomorrow, but it was a great challenge, and I'm happy to say that I did all the technical crap without getting off the bike.

    Maybe someone else who did it will pipe in and add to. (Or call me names for thinking it was tough) Just wanted to share that I had a GREAT first race experience and I look forward to more!