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    Moving to Austin...Which Niner Bike?

    I getting ready to move to Austin and I currently ride a trek 69er hardtail and my race bike is a 09 Fisher HiFi Pro 29er. It seems like people are saying I need a longer travel bike for the Austin area so I guess I will buy another bike and add it to the collection. Should I buy a Niner R.I.P 9 with 4.5" of travel or a W.F.O. with 5.5" of travel? Thanks for the info.

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    Depends on your size and where you want to ride.

    Post up on Bikemojo Austin Voodoo forum and you'll be sure to get your fill of advice....

    That would be the place in town to meet people, ride calls, etc.

    Some people snub those of us with more than 5" of travel in town, but there are places that will eat that up. We got crazies that ride fixies, to unicycles on the trails, to HT to single speeds....

    I'd wait and try stuff here before you buy.
    We just had a Yeti, Titus, and will be having a Turner demo within the last month.
    Specialized, Pivot, et al come to town relatively often as well.

    Austin is one of the hardest places on frame warranties (punn intended ). We got lots of rock here, so I'd get here and see what will work with your riding style and budget.

    Also check out John's site for trail reviews, pics, links, maps,

    Post up on Mojo when coming to town. We'd love to show you around.
    Usually a weekend tour through the Barton Creek Greenbelt, clinics, etc.

    You're going to love it here.

    Not only do we have kick ass music, but trails as well


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    I have been riding Austin trails on a 26" Racer-X for the last 8 years or so. I purchased a 29" hardtail last fall, and rode that religiously on most of the area trails without any problems. 26" to 29" seems to have made more difference than the switch from FS to HT.

    That being said, I took delivery on a pre-production '09 RIP 9 last Friday, and it is incredible. I'll still be riding the hardtail bike on occasion, but the RIP 9 eats these trails up! After finishing a tough section on the RIP 9 on Saturday, and waiting for my buddy, I was passed by a guy on a ridged Surly singlespeed, that was kicking ass through some tricky technical sections at an impressive pace.

    I haven't ridden a 5"+ travel bike, so I can't comment on the WFO. 4.5" on the RIP seems sufficient to me.

    I agree with Erik - it depends on where you want to ride, what you like to ride and your riding style. Bring your bikes and check out all the trails you can before making a decision.
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    I went from a SC Blur LT to a Trek 69er singlespeed and have never looked back. I'd think suspension would be more of a riding style preference here in Austin than any kind of requirement. There's a good mix of all types here, 26, 29, FS, rigid, singlespeed, some guys who ride trails on fixies even. I give your 69er a chance unless you're just jonesing for a new bike.

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    Come ride the trails for a few months first. As everyone has said, just about anything can be done on any bike. I have done everything from (almost) fully rigid to HT to 4" FS and have a lot of fun. In the market for an upgrade next year to 5" travel, not because I need it but because I want more plush. That happens when you get older.
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