• 03-06-2011
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    Lake Texana / Brekenridge Parks (pics)
    Went today, Texana State Park first, Breckenridge after that.

    Texana first:

    Texana was not bad, 8 or so miles of trails. the trail is about 12' wide and is mostly surrounded by brush, though in a few spots you pop out into open country. Its a nice leisure ride, no big hills, no jumps or anything of that nature, just a cruise..

    There are maps at every trail intersection, showing where you are, and listing the trails, which is very nice considering I had never been there before.

    Park admission is $3 for a day pass, the folks at the park station were very friendly.
  • 03-06-2011
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    Right across the street from Texana, literally.

    the trails were more to my liking than texana, no big hills or jumps, but they are not as wide at all, and have more turns and curves to play with, also the trails are more "enclosed" as you can see from the pics, giving you a greater sense of speed when your go darting down them.

    However there are no significant signs or maps anywhere on the trails, and there are lots of them intersecting and splitting seemingly every 100 yards or so, often ending without warning.

    I have no idea what the total distance is, considierng you are presented with a "left or right" decision very frequently, you could probably wander around this place a pretty good while and still not cover all of it.

    Park admission is $3, however you can park at the main office and ride in for free, the trail starts about 50 yards away so that is the way to go.