• 09-08-2010
    Killeen Area Trail Conditions
    I want to say that trail riding will likely not be wise this weekend the 11th and 12th on the Dana Peak and BLORA trail systems.

    The upper trails at BLORA are known to turn to clay concrete like substance even after a moderate rain.

    Trails at Dana Peak get extremely muddy after moderate rain and very prone to damage if ridden.

    My automated unofficial rain guage has 12.26 inches for a storm total in South Killeen--located 8 miles west of Dana Peak, and perhaps 12 miles Southwest of BLORA. My official manual guage has a storm total of 12.38 inches.

    Hopefully the trails dry quickly and will be rideable by next weekend.

    ASR--Bell County CocoRahs Station #25 Rain Observer.
  • 09-12-2010

    Well I walked the very beginning of each rte yesterday. BLORA was as I expected --upper clay-- left imprints as I walked on it and my shoe bottoms were packed with clay. Dana Peak--appeared to be ok.

    Why I say only appeared ok for Dana Peak--because I should realize what happens to the lake when it rains that much. I took the bike out there today and the first area passed where I walked was good. The areas just past that--the lake is out of its banks and over the trail. I should have known --this happens with rains of say 5 inches plus. The first little section I got around. The next section was swamp as far as I could see..

    If Dana Peak is like this no telling about the lower trail closest to the lake before the climb at BLORA. In the next couple days I am going to go out there and check. Anybody try getting all the way around that can report on the lower trail conditions?

    Argh--I think Dana Peak will be a no go for a while--the lake just doesn't recede that quickly and then when it does it will take several days to dry. I am real disappointed because the trail has way better flow than BLORA.
  • 09-15-2010
    As of this week, parts of Dana Peak trails remain under-water.

    A good portion of BLORA has downed branches, limbs, trees, signage laying accrossed the trail.

    Advise that while one can get around BLORA it will NOT be a pleasurable ride.
    Additionally all beaches and water sport activities were closed per a sign hanging at the admin building last evening.