• 08-08-2011
    Jack Brooks Declaration...
    Having recently relocated from nothing less than MTB mecca (Utah), I'm here to formally declare that Jack Brooks is nothing less than a tiny little piece of serious kickass ST. Clearly, the chances to ride here for me are far less than Utah (2 days/week here versus 4-5).

    Anyone can putt thru JB and likely have a good time doing so. For the rider that wants to push it and find challenge, DO NOT let JB fool you... I did (2) 40+ minute loops on Saturday (same route each time) and got my ass kicked. Didn't crash, but simply pushing hard had me hoping I didn't pass out. Yeah, the heat is part of the challenge, but easy isn't worth my time.

    If you work it right, there's no place for a break in JB... super tight ST or bursty rhythm climbs... you can easily make a serious 40 minute heart-breaker challenge (or more) out of JB.
  • 08-11-2011
    Where's this trail located?
  • 08-12-2011
    Down 45 South near the Greyhound dog track.

    Jack Brooks Park Houston Trail Reviews
  • 08-12-2011
    glad you liked it op! that trail used to be part of Texas' mtn bike xc series back in the day. It can kick your ass easily if you want it to! It's a great trail and the guys there do a great job of taking care of it. I've eaten lots o spiders there way back when!
  • 08-12-2011
    Will be there in the morning...
  • 08-13-2011
    Glad to hear you've made the best of the move. People out west find it hard to believe we have good riding in Houston, but there is some great stuff here if you make it happen I still haven't gotten down there. I need to. It's hard to get the motivation when I live right between Memorial and Terry Hershey. Have you come up here and tried either of those yet?

    Make a trip to Austin some time too and ride the Barton Creek Green Belt. Great riding.
  • 08-13-2011
    Selector...i have been preaching that for awhile and glad to hear you pack it all in to become a roadie (common advise)...that trail is fantastic and unique. Hats off to the trail stewart Booker, who does one hell of a job. For those in Houston who have not been there...its a lot closer than you think and well worth the trip.
  • 09-03-2011
    It was one of the best trails i rode in TX when I Lived in Pearland...

    To the OP ( MTB mecca Utah ) Umm Not sure if your right, we here in CO the Mecca for MTBiking..
  • 09-03-2011
    I don't know why, but I studied the trail map today (by the trailhead) and realized that I do the entire system EXCEPT the "playground" section. I'm glad I rode this morning cuz the rain is gonna ruin it for tomorrow am - at least for me, I won't touch that place wet.

    Did the whole system today w/ only two dabs... one of the front side somewhere that I know I've cleared before and on the "Home Stretch" section @ the root garden. I will make that thing some day.

    Today was actually very nice out, surprisingly cool, no bugs, just awesome.