Independence Weekend ride at RPR Saturday 7/2/11

Planning a group ride at RPR on either July 2. I contacted the ranch and they suggested Saturday would be best as there will be a triathlon on Monday and there may be some pre-race activity here and there along the trail system on Sunday.

I will guide a social paced ride that will include everything out there including the less easier to follow "Middle-Upper" and "Lower-Upper" loops as well as the Super-D course.

Show up just after 8 am to sign in at the office. We will gather, make a plan, probably drive down to the quarry area, cash water along the trail and ride start at 8:30.

Those who do Facebook, Meet-Up, etc. Feel free to post on those.

Bring your favorite picnic and beverage items and a chair for post-ride festivities.

Carpooling encouraged. Post up what part of town you are in and how many you can fit in your car. I live near 45th & Mopac and can take one other person and bike, but am also willing to ride with others.

See RPR website for more info and directions: