Hey y'all,

My name is Dewayne Buratti, and I'm one of your volunteer IMBA State Representative. I'm posting this to ask you to become a member of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA). Join IMBA for only $25 as an individual, and you'll get a FREE Blackburn mini pump and IMBA T-shirt!

IMBA is a non-profit organization whose largest source of income comes from individual supporters just like you.

IMBA Makes a Difference

IMBA is the world┬╣s leading mountain bike advocacy association. For the past 16 years, IMBA has focused on a simple, important mission: keeping trails open and in good condition for everyone, especially mountain bikers. All of their projects rider education, trail work, bicycle patrols, training and advocacy are dedicated to making mountain biking better. IMBA has 32,000 individual members, 450 affiliated bicycle clubs, and over 70 volunteer state representatives.

Sign up now and you'll receive a Free Blackburn mini pump and IMBA T-shirt for only $25. The offer works at any membership level as long as you purchase the membership at it's listed price and use the coupn code listed below, you'll get the pump and the T-shirt free.

To purchase your IMBA membership:

1) Go to: http://stores.yahoo.com/imba/imstrenewmep.html

2) Choose a level of membership.

3) Proceed to checkout.

4) Enter the following coupon code to get the special pricing: dewayneburatti. I recommend opening a new window and cutting and pasting the code.

IMBA accepts Visa or MasterCard.

Thanks for your support.

IMBA Texas Representative
[email protected]