• 03-22-2006
    Help: Fort Worth Trail Info
    From Ausitn and I'm having to go up to Fort Worth several weekends. Does anyone know of any trails or places to ride within an hour of the lake worth area? I've been to the 380 greenbelt...

  • 03-22-2006
    You might try the CAMBA web site for information.

    Dinosaur Valley and Cleburne are supposed to be great trail in the FW area.

  • 03-22-2006
    Fortworth trails
    Try Cedar Hill State park then hit Cleburne State park after. They are very close to each other, and when you try Cleburne...hook up with some locals because Cleburne State Park has some hidden trails that the locals keep it to themselves. Let me know if you able to find one.
    I rode Cedar Hill State park last January, nice trail but since Fortworth-dallas areas got some heavy rain downpour last week...the trails might be in poor condition. Call the state park authority before you hit these trails.
  • 03-24-2006
    Just past Cedar Hill State Park off of I-20 is a spot in south Dallas known as Boulder park that is a blast to ride. It's about a 9 mile loop that has just about everything. Go to the DORBA web page for directions and more info.

    In Fort Worth proper there's a short 3.5 mile trail at Z Boaz park. If you're into distance then you'll probably be disappointed but if you like jumps, drops, and the occasional ladder bridge then I would definately check it out. You can get directions on the CAMBA site.

    Lastly, there's a new trail currently under construction at Sansom Park in north Fort Worth that is only about 4 miles right now but has some really tight technical stuff, a few short downhills, and phenomenal views of Lake Worth in the distance. Directions can again be found on the CAMBA page.
  • 03-27-2006
    Boulder park is a great trail. I rode it the other day and it was a blast.

    I guess it's all perspective (since I'm up north near OK) but Boulder is not past Cedar Hill. It's in Duncanville. North of Cedar Hill. Go to the trails condition page on Dorba and click on the name, or maybe it's the town and it has a directions to the trail.
  • 03-27-2006
    Uh.....yeah. For those others who take things very literally, when I refer to Boulder being past Cedar Hill-----that's past Cedar Hill when traveling on I-20 heading east from Fort Worth. (Thus the reference to respective club pages for proper directions.)
  • 04-01-2006
    Check out Sansom Park it is starting to come together:D
  • 04-19-2006
    Kenny C.
    (I know this is a fairly old thread)

    I have to say Cleburne and Dinosaur are your best bets although Z-Boaz is extremely fun. We have rides Tuesday's and Thursday's at 6:15 at Cleburne State Park. Contact Southwest Golf and Sports and talk to Jim or Len for more info. Yes, there are a few "secret" trails that aren't advertised on the trail map. We had two but one was closed due to the danger factor. It wasn't so much a trail as a big downhill with a few wallrides. Anyway, come to the rides and we'll show them to you.
  • 05-22-2006
    Hit samson Park it is close and super fun