Franklin Mts/Bowen Ranch, keep it CLEAN-
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    Caution;  Merge;  Workers Ahead! Franklin Mts/Bowen Ranch, keep it CLEAN

    The last two weekends I have done rides that looped by the roundhouse at the Bowen Ranch, both times there were signs of a messy party...

    -A refrigerator had been dumped by the fire pit, along with a 4x8 piece of plywood, a package of red solo cups, and a couple ping pong balls and lots of empties... obvious beer pong.

    -2nd time there were more empties and garbage along with a still smoldering fire.

    Not pointing at bikers for the friday night beer pong, but maybe the fire and some of the empty bottles/cans. It would be a freak thing for that fire to get out of the pit, but with the wind we get here, and nobody to put it out, who knows?

    Access to the Ranch is not guaranteed, we could lose it... Excess garbage, dumping, vandalism, etc. could cause the Bowens to shut us out. A cow could choke on garbage or something and some of the best trails in the area could be gone.

    Again, I would be quick to point at kids and other non-bikers, especially for the beer pong. And BTW, whoever took care of the refrigerator, thanks! I don't have a vehicle that could move it, or a key to the gate.

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    I couldn't agree more. I rode by the Roundhouse this past Saturday afternoon and there was just enough of a breeze that it had re-ignited the flames. I had to use some of the water from my CamelBak and a bunch of the dirt to get the fire out. I'm just glad it was still contained in the pit, as dry as it is I would hate to see what happens if it were to get out of control.

    With the amount of beer bottles and cans as well as the lawn chair that was there, I'm going to guess that it probably wasn't anybody that's riding out there, but we do need to do our part to keep that area open. I would hate to loose the chance to ride out there.

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    We believe its some of the guy's that work for Bowen. Oh and it was Tony and Ada that cleaned everything up. You can thank them when you see them out riding. Thanks for making sure that the fire was all the way out.

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