Fort Worth - Gateway Park Workday - 3/2/2013 - 8:30am-
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    Good job! Fort Worth - Gateway Park Workday - 3/2/2013 - 8:30am

    Texas Independance Day

    Meet at the gas burn-off turn in. fort worth - Google Maps

    Tools, Lunch and drinks provided. Just bring us the bodies!

    Come on out and see what we have coming soon on the East side. It's a great opportunity to share your thoughts on the trail, and influence things to come.

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    Trail Work Day: Frequently asked questions

    1. What should I wear?
    Basically anything you might wear to work in the yard or garden, if your garden is full of green briar, poison ivy and cactus. Long pants, sturdy boots, long sleeve shirts and a hat are highly recommended.

    2. What should I bring?
    The club will try to provide as much safety equipment as possible. However, if you have work gloves and safety glasses, please bring them. Bring supplies to be prepared for 4-5hrs out on the trail. A hydration pack with sunscreen, bug spray, snacks and wet wipes can really help you get through the morning. The three main tools of the trade are Loppers, Pulaskis, and Mcleods. The club is always increasing our tool arsenal and will most likely have plenty of tools for everyone to be productive. If you have a favorite pair of loppers or trail tool, feel free to bring it out!

    3. What will we be doing?
    Itís impossible to say specifically in a FAQ.
    Trailwork can include:

    Cleanup: pickup of small litter objects, removal of race materials, large scale dumping removal
    Maintenance: lopping and clearing deadfall
    New trail construction: lopping, dragging cuttings from trail, scraping trail surface clear, bench cutting
    Trail Marking: hiking, shooting grades, flagging areas for work

    4. Are there things for my kids to do?
    Please consider trail work can be dangerous. Something as innocuous as trash pick-up can expose you to hazardous objects. If your children are too young to operate an axe or power tools, you should be prepared to stick very close to them and monitor their safety throughout the day. There are currently no youth activities planned for the work days.

    5. Can I bring my dog?
    Does your dog wear safety glasses? Seriously, the trail can be a dangerous place when there are multiple weed eaters going, pulaskis swinging, and chainsaws cutting. We all love seeing dogs happily sniffing everything outdoors, but we also all hate seeing one get hurt.

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    Fort Worth - Gateway Park Workday - 3/2/2013 - 8:30am

    I wish I were there. I'm in San Antonio..
    Hey if someone will pick me up from the megabus. I'll be there. I'm not gonna drive my truck, to much gas

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