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    Food expectations at races/rides?

    I'm the ride director for the Camino205 Gravel Grinder in early October. I'm working with a couple of caterers in Palestine trying to dial in the right menu. I tend to eat paleo and avoid simple carbs like white sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, wheat, etc. I eat a lot of raw fruit and vegies and meat and fish. Hell, we even cook squirrels that we shoot in my brother-in-laws trees (with an air gun). But I am a wierdo in Texas I know.

    That said, what food do 'normal' (if there is such a thing) bike riders want before and after a long distance race/adventure ride?

    Right now we are leaning toward lean meats, salads, vegetables, a fruit assortment, and lots of free beer (thank you Michelob Ultra!).


    Thanks, Dave

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    I usually bring my own snacks for before and during as to not chance an upset stomach. But a water source is appreciated.

    After a 200 mile ride I'm either gonna pig out on a burger or some pizza or won't want anything, depending on how hard I'm pushing.

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    Before I ride I look for cold water. I bring my own food or eat before the ride. After the ride I like chicken fajitas on whole wheat tortillas with lettuce and cheese. Or some fast food. I don't eat red meat.
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    I'm originally from the Palestine area, so it's going to be interesting to see how well this ride is attended. I spent a good portion of my youth dodging dually mirrors & thrown spit bottles...

    That said, it's going to be tough to match up the local caterers' offerings (barbecue, barbecue & more barbecue) to your typical pre- and post-ride binge foods. While we're all different, I'm a huge fan of papas y huevos tacos before a big ride.

    Post-ride, give me fried rice, pad thai, fajitas, burritos, burgers, etc... I'll avoid dairy, tomatoes & grease after a ride (for reasons best not discussed in polite company).

    Good luck with your ride.
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    Thanks guys,

    Tdhood, you are right, the caterers lean toward BBQ. Based on your suggestions I will be in touch with them asking for more of a SW flavor - really who can argue with fajitas??? Not sure they can do Thai food, but its worth an ask.

    As an aside, I have been to Thailand twice, and was surprised that most of the Thai food in the US is just as good as it is over there.

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    Fajitas would be a good choice. Grilled meat and veggies. If they could make an add your own amount sauce to the rice type dish, that would probably work too. Frijoles???
    Whole wheat tortillas.... or maybe an assortment of veggie flatbreads.
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