• 01-03-2011
    Female Mountain Bikers in Houston?
    Just got my first mountain bike for Christmas, so I am fairly new to the mountain biking community and would like to ride with other beginners, preferably a female group.

    Any suggestions? I spend half my time in Houston and the other half in Austin.
  • 01-04-2011
    Try joining and posting here:


    I know a few of 'em hang out here as well: http://www.terryhersheypark.org/forum/index.php
  • 01-07-2011
    Check out this as well. They do a beginners MTB ride at Memorial Park on Saturdays at noon. http://www.meetup.com/HoustonCyclingClub/
  • 01-07-2011
    yeah there are a few around. Some pretty good groups at Memorial and THP from what I have seen. The above links are good. Also have a groups and outdoor activities section on craigslist you can post on . And a few Houston riders on TheTexasOutdoors.com
  • 01-08-2011
    GHORBA Girls are active, inclusive and helpful. Linky on the home page - www.ghorba.org for the Yahoo Group they've got going - http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/ghorba-girls/
  • 01-31-2011
    If/when in Austin, there are RLAG (Ride like a girll) rides posted over at Bikemojo every week.