• 07-28-2006
    Fast Group Rides in El Paso?
    Hey folks,
    going home to visit some family next week. I know of all the local trails(lived in EP and went to school in Las Cruces) but was wondering if there was a local hammerfest in either Las Cruces or El Paso.
    Thanks in advance.:thumbsup:
    paz afuera
  • 08-03-2006
    thursday afternoon group rides ! They start at the end of redd rodd at 6:00pm, If not, just hook up with some guys from local bike shops or drop in one of them, You will be able to hook up with someone for a hammer fest ride !...........We just had rain like el paso has never seen the last two days, and really did some trail damage....If you thought the trails were rough before, they are really rough now, even the state park! ! ! !