• 03-11-2012
    Driving from far Nor-Cal to El Paso/Las Cruces area...
    for a family issue. I'm bringing my bike... should help me cope with any family drama!
    I'll be looking for trails I can spend 1-2 hrs on... technical or not, just something nice to ride and clear my mind.
    I have my FSR 29er with me and a mix of gear.
    If anyone has suggestions please post'em ;)
    I lived in that area for a whole lot of years combined so i can still find my way around pretty well.
    Also, any shop recommendations in case I need something? TIA
  • 03-11-2012
    Here ya go.

    Mountain Bike Trails and Routes in El Paso, TX | GeoBetty - You are on the right track

    You can also pick up a really good Geobetty map at Crazy Cat or the Bicycle Company.

    I like the Northeast scenic loop. I do it clockwise starting up Tin Mine, to scenic, soltol forest, coyote ugly, to mad cow and lazy cow.
  • 03-12-2012
  • 03-14-2012
    I have to head home tomorrow, but I really had a good time riding the El Paso trails today.
    Met some nice folks at Chuck Heinrich Park.
    Wound up with one flat and one broken spoke... a successful ride! lol
    Franklin Mt. Trails El Paso Texas by wsmac7 at Garmin Connect - Details
  • 03-14-2012
    Think I spoke to you in the parking lot- glad you had a good ride! Only one flat- that's nothing for these trails!
  • 03-14-2012
    Kinsler, yep we spoke yesterday. Thanks again for being so cool and passing on the info about the trails.
    I sent you a pm btw.