• 07-10-2011
    In Dallas on Business. I need someone to ride with!
    I'll be in Dallas for a few days, Jul 31 - Aug 3. I have a business conference, but will likely have the evenings free and will have a rental car. I'll be near the Lyndon B Johnson where it hits Stemmons Fwy.

    Are there any good trails in or nearby Dallas? If so, any good shops to recommend where I can rent a decent bike? If so, anyone wanna ride bikes?

    Let me know :)

  • 07-10-2011
    K so I did some reading (as I should have before I posted).

    If I either rent a bike, or take my own (which is looking like a cheaper option), I plan on riding Northshore and Big Cedar.

    I suppose now the better question is, anyone up for a ride?

    EDIT: More reading, looks like taking a bike case down will cost $100-200 EACH WAY, so that's not gonna happen. Renting is the better option, I've emailed Dallas Bike Works as it appears they rent 29ers.
  • 07-15-2011
    You may want to post this on the dorba.org website. They may know the best place to rent a bike. What types of trails are you looking for? Mostly XC in this part of the state.
  • 07-15-2011
    Dallas Bike Works is probably the most 29er friendly shop in the area, give Andy a ring down there. You might also check with Mad Duck, Richardson Bike Mart, and Plano Cycling and Fitness. Mad Duck is very close to Northshore.

    I would second the recommendation of dorba.org. All the trails are detailed there and it has a fairly active ride forum.

    Big Cedar is without question the best trail system in the area. Northshore is also excellent and for a shorter ride, Oak Cliff Nature Preserve is a ton of fun. Another local favorite is Rowlett Creek Preserve. There's no hills or technical features but it makes for an excellent night riding trail.

    Lastly, not sure where you're coming from but be prepared for some warm riding in the evenings. We've been running right about 100 at 5PM for the past couple weeks. You can expect evening to be in the upper 90's that time of year.

    PM me if you get something lined up. Evenings are usually pretty tough (I have 4y/o twins) but can occasionally break free.