• 03-18-2011
    Cloudcroft Jackhammer Super D 2011
    Hello Yall !! We are having the Cloudcroft Jackhammer Super D race on May 21-22 2011.. It will be a 12 mile race w/ a 4700ft drop.. There will be great people and great funn.. You can pre-register at www.usacycling.org .. Check out more info www.southwestgravity.com !!! We are having a full series w/ a championship to be announced !! www.roughriderfreeride.com .. Hope to see Yall there !!
  • 03-24-2011
    WTF Texass?
    Yall comin? its gonna be a KILLER race !!
  • 03-26-2011
    Glad El Paso is in New Mexico, lol
  • 04-06-2011
    Built up my specialized xc with a 66 up front just for this race. going to be epic. About 4 miles up and a bunch of gnarly down. :D
  • 04-11-2011
    Why the $70 fee?
  • 04-12-2011
    Gas n shuttle !!
    It will be great funn !!! It is a shuttle race, mass start.. Gas prices are outragous !! Bring it on Texass !!! :madman:
  • 05-13-2011
    The race will happen in october.. keep yourself updated.. peace:thumbsup: