I was out and about on BCG today and was doing some exploring since i'm here from Houston and don't know the trails too well. But I started at the 360 entrance and towards the end I came across a big climb. I rode up it as far as i could(which wasn't that far) and ended up walking. I was gonna head up as far as I could go to ride down it but found out it was a long trail. My curiosity got the better of me and just kept walking and riding(mostly riding). I wanted to find where the beginning of this are is so that next time i'll know where to go (whether it branches off of somewhere or there is a trailhead to it). I ended up getting tired of walking so much and rode it back down. But I did notice that a kept coming across a barbed wire fence and at one point was riding right next to it. I was wondering if anyone knew anything bout this trail, like where it begins at or something. Last time i rode i noticed an entrance from west gate blvd and was wondering if it starts from there? Any help would be greatly appreciated!