• 03-10-2006
    ATX - Barton Springs parking fees start tomorrow
    I think the statement above is true. Can anyone verify? If so, where's the best place to park near the pool? I was thinking just across the creek on Robert E. Lee in those athletic fields.

    Any other suggestions? I'm meeting some friends down there early tomorrow morning and want to avoid paying $12 between the three of us. Hell, that $12 will pay for some burgers down at Sandy's when we're done.

    Also, what time do they open the gates?


  • 03-10-2006
    I don't know if they collect fees starting tomorrow, but am pretty sure that if you park at the 360 entrance there isn't a fee. When I lived in Austin I rode to the Greenbelt, so can't tell you with complete certainty. By parking at 360, you will definitely avoid lots of hikers that like to start from Zilker.
  • 03-10-2006
    Yeah, I've done that before, but my wife likes to start at Zilker so she has a little warm-up before the trail gets nasty. By putting in at 360 (andheading towards the Hill of Life, we're walking the bikes at least once withing the fist 5 minutes.

  • 03-11-2006
    I know exactly where you are talking about... and it is a pain, I have quite a slack head angle and that does not help. you can park up off of spyglass and barton skyway. that is free and skips most of the hikers as well, just watch out for the people returning home to those apartments in the evening.
  • 03-18-2006
    Joe Sausagehead
    Why not ride your bike to the trail? It's free and you get your warm-up over with.
  • 03-18-2006

    Originally Posted by Joe Sausagehead
    Why not ride your bike to the trail? It's free and you get your warm-up over with.

    Because I live almost out to The Salt Lick BBQ on 1826 and would get killed if I tried to ride that road in to the south end of MoPac/45. It's like 20 miles out. I'm getting in shape slowly, but a ride like that would wipe me out (especially on my FS bike) before I even got to the trail.

    Good thought though.

  • 03-19-2006
    You can also find some street parking near the tacodeli just off Barton Skyway ( take mopac -> skyway east ). There's another BCGB entrance there off Skyway, so you can head upstream from there and get some warmup before the tasty stuff.

    If you get in early enough, they don't collect parking until like 8- or 9- am, forget which, if you'r ein before they start it's no problem.


    I do NOT know wether they're starting collection yet or not. I always thought that happend closer to summer ( Memorial day / Labor day switching IIRC ).
  • 03-21-2006
    Isn't that fee only on the weekends?
  • 03-24-2006
    Forget parking at Zilker on the weekends, it's $ and soccer madness. Park at the Mopac underpass/Austin High/Tennis court area around Lake Austin Blvd and ride the Town Lake Trail 1/2 mile to Zilker, the new bridge under Barton Springs means you don't have to race the tiny train to the bridge.
    Or the lots around the theater at Lamar at Riverside, even closer. Have a great ride.

    Just remembered some more options, the East entrance to B Springs pool is empty early, as is the ballpark lot or streetside on Toomey behind all the restaurants.
  • 03-26-2006
    For a longer ride, park at the Randall's on 35th and Shoal Creek and take the Shoal Creek GB all the way the Town Lake HABT. Good stuff.