• 01-09-2007
    Anyone in Killeen area riding 10/1/07?
    Pretty clear in the thread title. I am visiting family and looking for a ride in the area to do. I have seen Blora Park and it seems okay, but have never been there before. So any help or perhaps another party interested in riding there would be great. If any of you have better sugestions or perhaps are riding elsewhere I am pretty flexible. Thanks Ed
  • 01-10-2007
    I have been wanting to ride there sometime.
    Bump this in nine months as a reminder.
  • 01-25-2007
    Lawson Raider
    I rode some of BLORA back in May, 2006. Pretty good trail, the only thing I wish they would fix the signage. I was wanting to start out on the beginner trail and ended up on the advanced trail (which I handled fine to my surprise) without even realizing it.

    They have a system of different color arrows to indicate the difficulty level of the trail. Watch for the cacti which you can find alongside the trail. I am going to ride it again the next time I am down there.
  • 02-24-2007
    You were probably on the intermediate trail. It's hard to stay on the beginner trail because nobody rides it and it is mostly grown over. The advanced trails are somewhat hard to find unless you're looking for them and you would definitely know when you found them.