• 07-25-2006
    Adrenaline Skate Park (this thursday)
    Adrenaline Skate Parks is located in Katy, Texas. take I-10 West, exit Mason Road, turn left. take a right on Kingsland Blvd., and then a right on Apple White, and its on your right behind the skating rink. their bike night is only on thursdays. 6-9. $12 entry fee.

    im usually the only guy on a mountain bike, so i hope that i'm not the ojly one this week. laterz...

    im gonnna be riding a Specialized P1 (sand colored)
  • 07-26-2006
    right on. the few parks we have here on the south side are nazis and don't even want to see a bike near the place.
  • 08-03-2006
    hey sandyp1,

    whereabouts do you ride in Katy?

    you in school?

    I didn't know adrenaline allowed the use of anything bigger than BMXs at the park, if I ever have any money I might have to crash over there sometime.