Field is currently limited to a maximum of 100 racers because of permit limitations. We will upgrade the permit if the original 100 sells out early enough to justify the additional expense of a higher level permit with the City.

This is a distance race with a timed cutoff(s) not a timed endurance race. Your finish will be a DNF unless all laps are completed within the allotted time.

Solo (Elite) Century of 6 laps but with a cutoff based on 90 minute laps. I completed a lap today in 1:25 poking along since I hadn't ridden Sansom in a while. The lap GPS'd at 10 miles but GPS always loses at least 10% so I'm confident that 6 laps will get our metric century. 6 laps is going to be very tough to complete. I don't expect many solo finishers at all. You don't have to be Pro or Cat 1 to compete but we may limit this field to experienced single track endurance racers based on the technical difficulty of the course.

Solo (Sport) Half Century of 3 laps with no cutoff time. 3 laps in a day will be plenty tough for most of us mortals. This should be an extremely competitive field

2 Person Relay (Men, Women, Co-ed) 6 laps with a cutoff based on 90 minute laps. Relayers must alternate laps so each rider must ride 3 laps for the team to complete the course. No individual rider will be allowed to ride consecutive laps. The relay teams were extremely fun when we did Hell on Wheels at Northshore. I'm really look forward to doing another event with the relays.

Again, this is the rough draft at the moment and details are subject to change. We will offer an early bird registration discount of some sort and I think we will only have online registration. We may limit the field to 100 racers total based on our permit with the City. We will also have some alternate day in case of weather but I'm waiting for the dorba schedule to see what dates may work for that if needed.