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    Looking for a frame. Open ended.

    I know that this will get me in trouble but I blame Those folks sent me an e-mail with a link to the Red Meadow Pass loop.
    Red Meadow Pass Loop, Montana -
    I rode through there on the TD last June and seeing their article with the tandem riders got me stoked. Boy I miss riding up there in Montana.

    Anyway, my wife and I REALLY love to ride our road tandem. I picked up a cheap Chinese road tandem a few years back and almost immediately replaced every substandard component. It is now a rock solid ride and we thoroughly enjoy being out on it. My wife is visually impaired, so the tandem works wonders for us.

    Simply, I am looking for a 29" frame that has couplers.
    That's pretty much it.
    I would prefer to stay away from a rear suspension but I do like the ECDM.

    I will build up a second wheelset for road use so it will be a dual use tandem. Kill 2 birds with one stone.

    Thoughts? Options?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bakerjw View Post
    ...I will build up a second wheelset for road use so it will be a dual use tandem. Kill 2 birds with one stone.

    Thoughts? Options?
    We ride an ECdM and have two wheelsets; a Chris King/Mavic/2.4 Trailking set for singletrack and an inexpensive WTB/shimano pavement/gravel set. I do have to tweak the brake alignment and shifting each time we change but it works for us.
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    Two wheel sets is fine. Use rotor disc shims to adjust the rotor position so you don't need to touch the brake adjustment. The ECDM S&S looks very nice. You may be able to get Ventana to do a custom hardtail version but it probably wouldn't be worth the extra cost.
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    Another option is to get a frame retrofitted with S&S couplers

    Bicycle Frame Repair Price List for R+E Cycles

    I'm pretty sure there are others out there that will do it. I think most places will only do steel frames, not aluminum.

    You could go high end and get an Black Sheep, Eriksen, Moots, Lynskey or Calfee?

    I think Quiring might do a custom coupled tandem too that would likely be more reasonable.

    Just a few ideas.

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