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    Swamp green Krampus

    My new whip.
    God is this bike fun.
    1x10 with wolf tooth oval.

    Rigid is fun, but I have a hankering for a sus fork.

    Offsets, travel,a to c....I am easily overwhelmed.

    What works and what doesn't.

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    Rigid is fun for sure, love the feeling of hammering down on the pedals and conquering hills. However, rocky descents not as fun on rigid. I put on a 110mm Pro Manitou Magnum form a Stache I scored on ebay at a good price. I'm very happy with it, didn't change geometry too much. Could still climb great and handles snappy! But it does not have a lockout, I do miss that...

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    I just ordered a Manitou Magnum 100mm fork for my Krampus. It hasn't arrived yet, so I can't offer any feedback on how it rides, but here's my way of thinking that led me to get the 100mm fork. Surly said the original Krampus was suspension corrected for a 120mm fork. However, back when they said that, there were no 29+ forks, and a 120mm, 29" fork had around a 530mm a-c. The Manitou Magnum has a 530mm a-c for the 100mm version, and 550 for the 120mm. So, the 100mm is closer to what I believe the frame was designed for. Finally, in one of the Krampus threads here, someone posted a response they got from Surly when they asked about Manitou Magnum compatibility, and Surly said the 100mm was good, but they did not recommend the 120mm.

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