I hope this is a cool idea and don't step on anyone's feet...

I've been using this forums posts and replys a lot since it started not too long ago to much success, both personally and with our customers, whether I'm logged in or lurking. I've noticed that there's no Moderator's or Administrator's here. Not that their needed, but how's this sound, I sent this to Francois tonight, and hope that it's a good idea and it happens...

Hey Francois,

Obi.one.. and PatIrwin seem to do a lot of back-up work and posts for the forum. Are they the moderators, it doesn't say below their names, and Obi said "No, but I'd do it if they offered it".

Just so I don't sound weird, I don't have a problem with anything in there, but thought it would be cool to have them be nominated or appointed to the job(s). Both of those guys know their stuff REALLY well. I use their stuff to help with customers all the time. Think of what it would say about the Surly forum having them become something "official". [QUOTE]

Even Bob the Wheelbuilder should be on the list! What do you all think?