Help with Pugsley racks and fenders-
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    Help with Pugsley racks and fenders

    Does anyone know if the Surly Nice racks (front and rear models) will fit properly on the Pugs? Also, any other rack models/brand suggestions? Photos will help also.
    I have seen several photos here on the forum with different approaches to fenders, but I am also wondering if anyone has ideas for a metal fender that will or can be retro-fitted to the existing Pugs braze-ons? Does anyone know of any sources for custom made fenders? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Pug racks, fenders, yada yada yada

    Iím using 2 Surly Rear Nice Racks. One on the rear, and the one on the front has been modified. The link below basically chronicles my Pugís evo.

    Im using 2 sets of REI front Safari Panniers
    Iím still thinking about getting a rear set of panniers too.

    For me the biggest challenge with my Pug was to get a clean set up with the front rack and panniers. The mod I followed has not had a hiccup of an issue. I canít say enough about Surly racks.

    Its only been in the last month or so that Iíve quit using the Pug on the daily. Its been moved aside for an Xtracycle.

    During the winter when I was using the Pug, whatever I had strapped down to the rear rack acted like a good enough fender. I had also used a clip on seatpost fender for the rear, when I wasnít using the rear rack. This year Iíll probably add a clip on downtube fender for the front.

    It seems like Iím constantly changing bike(s) set up through out the year. Maybe this year Iíll cut out a piece of black Coroplast to cleanly zip tie to the rear rack.

    With the Pug there are so many options. Its kind of like the Swiss Army knife of bikes.

    Even though my Pug is powder coated flat OD green, its all Gucciíd out with CK hubs, carbon cranks, etc, I donít really like to see it ghetto. Iíve got other bikes with zip tie/innertube chainstay protectors, etc.
    On that noteÖ
    For fenders, maybe River City Bicycles
    would make a set of Full Wood fenders for the Pug. I just havenít made the effort yet.

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