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    Could ya help a brotha out?

    I am to the point of obsessing over getting a Surly. I haven't decided on whether to get the Pugsley or the Karate Monkey. Could you guys help me out with some of the pros and cons of each? I get a lot of snow and rain where I live so think the Pugsley might be right. But Im also afraid that it might be too heavy for the daily commutes in town (where the karate monkey would be better.) Also, if you dont mind could you give me the ballpark on the price of your finished bikes? Thanks for your help. Youre a cool bunch of people. I will keep you posted on my decision with some pics. Keep Ridin,


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    Don't be skerred

    Buy a Pugs. I recently built one with the intention of using the fattie endomorph tires in the winter here in AK and having a set of 29" wheels for summer trail riding. I have since abandoned that plan because I enjoy the fat tires so much. Yeah, they are hard to get used to at first but once you find the sweet spot with the tire press. and adjust to the added weight you're set.
    My finished bike cost around $2000(with a custum powdercoat job), but you have to take into account that you will be in the hole roughly $1000 with just the frame, forks, and wheelset. In my opinion it's a bargain bike at what I paid, versus, the kind of versatility I get from it.
    I was in the exact same boat as you when I decided on the Pugs over the Monkey and I couldn't be happier with my choice.
    Anyways, try and do this on a monkey.
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    Wink Good start for replys!!

    Give everyone a few more days to chime in, and find the post. Self Propelled Devo rides the Pugs as his only transportation, and there's definitely a great group of people on them. Not to dissuade you from riding the monkey, which also has a loyal following.

    Where to go from here?

    ~Keep an eye on your post, and pm a few other forum members about their various rides.

    ~See who's local to you, maybe even talk to your LBS staffers and see if there's Surly riders in your area, so you can take a test ride. (A key point here, most Surly folk are more than willing to let somebody take a spin on their ride, something that's not rare, but sadly missing from the industry in today's day and age.) Your info says Michigan, Minneapolis isn't too far off, there should be a great core of riders there!!

    So, hope this helps keep things rolling for you.


    oh yeah, more importantly, as your post count stands at "1": "Welcome to the Forums!!"
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    Pugs for me

    I've been riding a ~37lb Pugsley since last October. Low-$2k to build. Heavier Large Marge rims, heavier tan Endomorphs, boat anchor FSA Gravity crankset, Crank Bros Mallets, Avid BB7s, blah blah. I did spluge a bit on a Hadley hub - very nice. Have since upgraded from "whatever-we-gots" to Thomson post and stem. Was a 2X9, now a 3X9, 11-34. About to substitute my spare 12-27 Ultegra for tighter gearing. I tend to mash rather than spin, anyway. I tend to keep the tire pressure right at 12 psi for everything.
    If it's of any relevance, I'm 5'6", a bit over 120lb, 54 years.
    Knew I wanted a Pugs as soon as I saw '04 Interbike photos of the freak bike in Dirt Rag #111. (I love those guys, even if they could have beefed up their Pugs test in the current issue.) One of the shop guys seemed to think there's no way I'd like riding a pig like that. I was certainly more the weight-weenie type, with my Stumpjumper/Stan's Olympic 1394g wheelset rig right at 25 or 26lb, depending upon brakes.
    I certainly have no need for a snow bike down here in N Florida. It handles sugar sand pretty well, though. Extends the off-road riding envelope, just as my first ATB did back in 1983. Got sand or gravel roads?
    I regularly enjoy my 10M (each way) commute. Mostly road, some fun neighborhood singletrack. A little under 50 minutes, including waiting for the lights to change. The Pugsley is the most adaptable bike I can imagine. I'm sure I'd say the same thing about a Wildfire, if I could afford one of those!
    The Stumpy has been ridden 3 times since last October. I have no idea what I'll do with it. I last rode it a few weeks ago. I just yawned, emotionally, if that makes sense. I wanted nothing better than to get it home and get right back on the Pugsley.
    Last January on no training, I rode the Pugs on the 55M Tour de Felasco. I had a great time, no issues whatsoever:
    It's the only Pugs in their photos - duh.
    And some I took during that ride:
    The bike brings a smile to my face every time I ride it. It isn't going to keep up with your typical Karate Monkey - if I'm pedaling both! Got it? But I regularly pass other bikers on my commute. I'm a runner on a bike, so maybe that's it.
    Here's another option: you could always get a 1X1 and put 3.0 Gazzaloddis on the Large Marges. They'll fit if you file off the canti bosses. Of course, it wouldn't be Barney Blue/Purple Pearl Sizzurple. The Surly gang rocks.
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    The KM is probably a better choice for a do it all bike and will be less expensive, but the Pugs is just too wild to be ignored. The local MTB group called mine a Monster bike when I showed up for a local ride. They were riding mostly full suspension 26" geared bikes. I had no problem keeping up with my rigid SS Pugs (atleast on the up hills, I'm a complete newbie offroad so I keep my speed down when decending). The Pugs frame and fork are reasonably priced but the rims, tires and tubes are gonna cost ya. A pair of wheels with Surly hubs is probably going to be around $600 or more. Spare tubes look like they came from an automart and cost $15.
    Get the KM if you want a good priced pratical bike. Get the Pugs if you want to amaze friends.

    <edit> One complaint I do have with the Pugs is the wiiiide BB. Its not really a problem on technical rides but when your spinning on the road or flat trail the extra wide Q-factor is not the most comfortable. Ofcourse I coming from riding road and track bikes so even a triple on a road bike feels a little wide to me.
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