XX1 installation

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  • 05-16-2013
    XX1 installation
    Can anyone give me step by step installation manual for setting up derailler and shifter? Like XX1 for dummies?
    I have no idea how to do it and original manual is quite abstract...

  • 05-31-2013
    There are some youtube vids showing how to setup a rear derailleur, one thing I found with my XX1 was the tension bolt needed to be adjusted in such a way that the derailleur did not hit the cage and limit the chain getting to the smallest cog on the cassette.

    Essentially you remove/loosen the cable to set your upper and lower limits, once you get the chain to travel up and down the entire cassette (push on the derailleur by hand to feed the chain up the cassette) tighten your cable and make minor adjustments accordingly with the fine adjustment at the shifter.