• 08-14-2013
    XX1 Drivetrain for X/C use pros/ cons
    Any thoughts on Sram XX1 drivetrain over XX for X/C use? Sram seems to indicate that the simpler 1X system may actually be better or comparable to XX 2x10, based on world cup X/C results. Is it possible that there is less drivetrain drag due to less cross chaining. How much resistance is introduced with the deep profile rings and clutch system. Who has ridden both and what are the pros/cons?
  • 08-14-2013
    While cross chain issues are eliminated with XX1, it is still possible to jamb up the chain across multiple cogs particularly if you are one who tends to shift quickly. I like the clutch concept though prefer Shimano's implementation.

    I don't buy components based on world cup X/C results or wonderful marketing from manufacturers. The best way to evaluate is demo IMO.
  • 08-14-2013
    XX1 Drivetrain for X/C use pros/ cons
    I'm not an xc racer, but I still think the xx1 system would be better than xx in most situations. First, the xc racers I know care a lot about weight and your bike will lose about 1/2 lb. secondly, I find that I can carry a lot more momentum going uphill when I don't have to shift a front derailleur. If I'm maxed out with my big ring up front and back and I need the next smallest gear, shifting the front drops it way too much and kills my momentum. I hated that. Lastly, you get a lot more clearance with the 1x. I noticed that right away. I don't know how rocky your race courses are, but my local trails are very rocky and can get very technical. I've witnessed many crashes, slowed momentum, and destroyed chain rings with 2x and 3x in areas that wouldn't have touched a 1x ring. Just my 2 cents.
  • 08-14-2013
    Re: XX1 Drivetrain for X/C use pros/ cons
    I own both XX and XX1 and I have to say there is no clear cut winner. Obviously, XX1 is lighter and simpler. In exchange for that, you give up the closer spacing between 1st and 2nd gear shifts and the 11 to 10 is a pretty big jump. In order to have a sufficiently easy gear for climbing (using a 32t chainring), I lose a little top end, though I can still spin up to 30 mph fairly easily, and that's fast enough for almost all the XC races I do. First gear with XX1 32/42 is equivalent to my second gear running 26/39 - 11/36 with XX. For racing that's not a big deal, but for long grinds it might be a little tough if climbing is not your forte.
    The upside is I haven't had any chain suck and it is quieter with less chain slap. I still find I get some chain slap with XX1, though it is significantly reduced.
    I've yet to ride the XX1 in mud, but not having a front derailleur to clog up should be an advantage, though the shaped teeth of the XX1 chainring do seem to collect more debris.
  • 08-15-2013
    The only "problem" I can think of with racing XX1 is you might want/need to change your front ring depending on the course. If you're using a double or triple chainring setup you'll always have plenty of high and low gears.

    If you're just riding around XC style, choose your front ring wisely and you're good. I ride with a 38 tooth locally. It's perfect for my fitness and trails but there's no way I'd show up somewhere I've never ridden/raced with a 38 chainring. That might be a problem.
  • 08-15-2013
    XX1 Pros/Cons
    Prerequisites: Need super-fit lungs and LEGS

    Pros=Simple, lightweight and efficient use of ALL available gear ratios
    Cons=Incompatible with all rear derailleurs, except it's own. Not for everyone, cost