• 12-05-2012
    X9 10sp type 2 RD and 9 sp cassette
    hey there.

    I'm interesting in getting X9 type read derailleur type 2 to reduce chain slap and am using 9 speed cassette.

    will that combo work?
    any info will be appreciated
  • 12-05-2012
    Sorry I can't answer specifically to SRAM, but I know Shimano change the pull ratio on their new 10 spd stuff, so a 10spd Shimano RD won't work with older 9spd shifters, not sure if SRAM has done the same. Besides that you have to look at the cage width to make sure your 9spd chain will fit properly or you could try using a 10spd chain. Fairly certain if you check the SRAM tech docs and do a Google search you'd find the answer though, think this might answer your question Spin Doctor Tech Tip – 10 Speed MTB Drivetrain Compatibility The Performance Bicycle Blog