X01 Details Released

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  • 08-01-2013
    X01 Details Released
    It does have carbon crank arms, not the alloy ones we saw on the OEM bike groups.

    It's pretty much XX1 with different graphics. The price isn't much less, and the weight looks to be about the same too -- slightly lighter shifter and slightly heavier cassette, everything else about the same. The chain and cassette might be more durable than XX1, which would be nice.

    SRAM Takes the Wraps Off of X01, Full Details and Pricing Announced
  • 08-02-2013
    Pro - Very similar to XX1

    Con - Too similar to XX1 pricing

    I don't get it. They are virtually identical. Which would be nice if X01 were a good bit cheaper. The price point is basically the same as XX1. So why not buy XX1?

    I think they should have just introduced the X01 crank and updated the derailluer to the new design...except for 10 speed instead of 11. That way you'd have a decent 1x10 system that's different enough from your 1x11 stuff AND cheaper. No need for the hub driver and massively expensive cassette. That would have made more sense.

    To me the best part of the new 1x stuff is the chainring and type 2 derailleur. I ended up just buying an XX1 ring of Ebay and converting my X0 drivetrain to 1x10. Cheaper, works awesome, no need for a $400 cassette. Only con is smaller gear range. But if you pick the right front ring for where you live it's not really an issue.
  • 08-02-2013
    I agree.
    What's interesting, though, is that X01 might be a much better deal in an OEM build. I was looking at some Santa Cruz bikes, and the XX1 kit is $1400 more than the X01 kit. Besides the XX1 stuff, other upgrades are the brakes (XTR vs. XT), handlebars (carbon vs. alloy), and slightly upgraded stem, headset, and saddle. It sure doesn't seem to add up to $1400 worth of stuff, even if the X01 kit comes with the alloy crankset.

    The reason for the hub driver is to fit a 10t cog. I think a lot of folks would be happy with an 11-40 10-speed or 11-42 11-speed using standard freehubs. I wouldn't be surprised to see Shimano adapt their 11-speed road drivetrain to mountain-friendly gearing using a standard freehub and reasonably-priced cassette. (The Ultegra 11-speed cassette is $110 compared to $400 for X01.)
  • 08-14-2013
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    I think I got one of the first kits through Ibis on my Ripley - only with XX cranks.

    4th ride on mine yesterday and the cassette started making a horrid sound kinda like a super dry (but not squeeky) chain gets on a long dusty ride. I terminated the ride it got so bad, thought I was going to ruin the cassette or freehub body or something. :eekster:

    Got home tightened up the cassette and the noise went away... but I mean it was already pretty tight but I put enough pressure on it to crank it just a bit more... and for now the noise is gone, but I will need to do a full ride before I know it's gone for good.

    If not, I plan to remove the cassette, grease the spline area good and re-tighten.

    So far I'm really liking the 1X setup.... just getting used to some of the gear ratio jumps...
  • 08-17-2013
    The pricing on X01 crankset doesn't make a lot of sense right now...

    An online retailer is listing the following prices for the X01 crankset:

    X01 BB30 (chain ring sold separately) US $319
    X01 GXP (chain ring sold separately) $279
    X01 chain ring $98

    Compare that to their XX1 crankset prices:

    XX1 BB30 (with chain ring) $325
    XX1 GXP (chain ring sold separately) $290
    XX1 chain ring $92

    I'm thinking (hoping?) they've incorrectly noted that X01 BB30 crankset doesn't come with a chain ring.