I'm not trying to start a pissing match on which is better, just like to hear if other people are experiencing what I am.

I've always had Shimano on my bikes, my new Stumpjumper is speced with Avid/Sram.

My last bike was a 2009 with XT 9spd. Now I must admit I find the shifting on my new bike crisper, but I'm not sure if that the Sram or just newer equipment and being a 10 spd.

I do find the Avid brakes lacking. Is anyone running a mix? Sram drive train and Shimano brakes?

I do like the single clamp for brake lever and shifter and mixing would lose that.

I found a great deal on a XX drive train and I'm trying to debate buying that and getting XT brakes or just saving up more and going all Shimano.

I'm hoping to find a bike with new XT on it to compare.

Anyone just wondering what others experiences have been. I'm cross posting this in both.