• 05-14-2010
    Where Can I buy RED RUBBER GREASE or an Alternative
    title says it all, I am servicing a Avid Code Caliper, I bought from someone on Pinkbike who ripped me off.

    I read in many places to grease the seals with red rubber grease but it is impossible to find?
    what else can I use besides that?

  • 05-15-2010
    Are you referring to the "DOT compatible grease" that is specified in the bleed instructions?
    If so, you can find it easily by searching for "Sram PitStop DOT Brake Assembly Grease"
  • 05-31-2010
    Red Rubber Grease
    Yes, it does exist ! Castrol and Fuchs make it , I found some in the UK with a bit of searching , don't know about the US . I use on my motorcycle and mtb calipers .